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3 Trendy Floral Add-Ons You Need To See

This season we are noticing a fancy new trend in wedding decor: floral add-ons are the newest thing. You will create a unique and fresh look at your wedding when you include one or more of these trends in your wedding bouquet centerpieces and other floral designs at your event this year. The floral designers […]

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Crowned With Flowers

For most brides, the big day hairstyle is a really big deal. They spend months refining their look with a stylist, relying on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration until finally bringing their dream to life. One of the most popular accents to any style, from beachy waves to intricate braids, is flowers. Since antiquity, women […]

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Flowers, The Crown Jewels

Here at Griffin’s Floral Design, we’ve been watching the flower crown trend escalate over the last several years, reaching a level of popularity not seen since the 1960s (and maybe ancient Greece before that). Songs like The Cowsills “I Love The Flower Girl” and Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco” perfectly captured the free-spirited attitude of the […]

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