Photography Credits


Over the years Griffins has collected thousands of images from our clients.  Literally, thousands.  It is difficult, nearly impossible, for us us to know who all of the photographs are provided by or the photographer that took them.  If your name isn’t posted, we really are sorry, we try our best.  We most certainly desire for all of our photographs to have credits of the Photographer.  If for some reason we have posted an image that you took and you would like us to provide those credits, please email us and we will happily post them immediately.  To those who provided us photography to use, THANK YOU, from the bottom our hearts, our site wouldn’t be possible without you! We are truly grateful.

Weddings: Cheri & Greg: Nicole Dixon Photography

Weddings: Emily & Mitch: Amy Rebecca Photography

Weddings: Kelsey & Brett: Rose Devore Photography

Weddings: Michelle & Jonas: New Image Studios

Weddings: Annette & John: Banks Photography

Weddings: Tim & Stephanie: Noah Joy Photography

Weddings: Lead Image: BLY Photography

Events: Wedding Experience :Brian Kellogg Photography

Events: Smith Wollinsky: Banks Photography

Home Page: Kids: BLY Photography

Home Page: Bride & Groom: New Image Studio

Home Page  Blue Flowers

Contact Us: Lead Image: Nicole Dixon

Unique Floral: Lead Image: New Image Studios

Events: Lead Image: J. Mariella Photography

Fashionable Fabrics: Lead Image: Nicole Dixon

Milner Wedding: Jazzymae Photography




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