A Guide to Designing Whimsical Outdoor Garden Events

Outdoor events are a quintessential part of the summer season. With the sun shining, the breeze blowing, and the stars twinkling, who wouldn’t want to gather with loved ones to celebrate life’s milestones? From garden weddings and engagement parties to backyard bridal showers and bach bashes, it’s the perfect time to live in the moment and cherish every single second. To add that extra bit of magic to the outdoor setting, we can’t forget about the gorgeous outdoor event decorations – flowers, in particular, can transform any space into a fairy-tale wonderland! Additionally, personal flowers, such as handheld bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and flower crowns, are especially important to consider as they leave lasting impressions in photographs. No matter what type of outdoor or garden event you have coming up, the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs have you covered with uniquely curated ideas.

Seating decorated with fabric and flowers

Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Gardenscape for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Garden weddings are the perfect excuse to unleash your creativity and go all out with the outdoor party decor! Picture elegant flower garlands adorning every corner, twinkling string lights illuminating the night sky, and stunning floral centerpieces on each table that will leave your guests mesmerized. Bouquets and boutonnieres are, of course, a major element to consider, not only for the newlyweds but also for each member of the wedding party. Add some pizzazz to the ceremony seating by attaching accent floral decor and embellishing the trees and trellises with lush blooms and greenery. The secret to achieving a cohesive look is to utilize the same flowers or statement blooms in each arrangement.

Different colored floral garlands

Whimsical Outdoor Party Decorations for Outdoor Engagement Festivities

Engagement parties are a joyous celebration of love and commitment, and it’s important to create an enchanting atmosphere that reflects the couple’s unique style. While engagements may not require the same level of formality as weddings, outdoor decor should still be tasteful and sophisticated. Imagine tall, round tables adorned with minimalist floral arrangements and LED candles that cast a warm, romantic glow as the sun begins to set. To add an enchanting touch, string lighting can be artfully and safely intertwined with cascading blooms to create a breathtaking display. Corsages and boutonnières are a must-have accessory for the betrothed-to-be, elevating their style.

Arms with corsages and ribbons toasting

Add Elegance to Bach Bashes with Wearable and Portable Flowers

Whether celebrating with your crew on a boat, gathering at your favorite outdoor bar, planning the ultimate bach bash getaway, or taking over the backyard, wearable flowers and portable bouquets will take your party to the next level. Beautify your limousine or boat with hearty floral designs. Elevate your outfits with colorful flower crowns, classy boutonnieres, or fun corsages that you can wear all day and night. For those about to tie the knot, white bloom tiaras and floral embellishments for sashes not only create a festive atmosphere but also signal to those around you that a special celebration is taking place.

A table set with flowers and candles

Elegant Flowers and Outdoor Party Decor for Wedding Event Brunches

Weddings bring together family and friends from all over the country or even the world! With loved ones in town to help celebrate your big day, you may also find yourself hosting wedding-adjacent events, such as garden brunches. Enhance the beauty of the outdoors with breezy floral centerpieces, flower garlands strung through the trees or draped on fences, and hanging plants thoughtfully placed on railings or lamposts. While mingling, catching up, and socializing, guests are sure to enjoy adult beverages or creative mocktails. This is another fun opportunity to incorporate small blooms, petals, and ribbons — which are sure to stand out in photographs.

Glasses of rose on table with flowers

Curate a Spring-like Space with Flowers and Decor for Outdoor Bridal Showers

There is nothing sweeter, warmer, or more quaint than bridal showers hosted in a garden. If you are planning an outdoor bridal shower, custom floral designs are a must-have! Beginning with the gift table, display a lovely bouquet of colorful blooms that match the wedding theme and color palette or enhance the natural beauty of the outdoor venue. Adorn table edges with a lush and luxurious garland made from fresh flowers or greenery and place a matching arrangement by the guestbook to invite guests to sign and share their well-wishes. You cannot forget custom corsages or boutonnieres for the soon-to-be newlyweds! Finally, fashion blooms will bring posh energy to the drink and dessert table and will look sensational as the couple looks back at photos from their gorgeous shower.

The number one tip for planning a flawless outdoor event is to connect with the professionals here at Griffin’s Floral Designs. Our wedding and floral experts are ready to collaborate on custom floral decor and bring your dream garden event to life.