A Trendy Style Guide for Fresh Cake Floral

The best way to make your wedding cake stand out at your reception is by adorning it with perfect fresh flowers. This is a simple way to make everyone’s favorite wedding dessert look elegant and beautiful while adding a special or personal touch to your day. This wedding cake design guide from the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design will provide tips and tricks for styling your wedding cake in a way that matches the entire look, feel, and theme of your wedding. 

A wonderful wedding cake detail. The flowers look real, but are really edible sugar flowers!

Real Florals vs. Fake Blooms

When it comes to wedding cakes, many brides debate whether to decorate their cake with real or fake flowers. However, if you ask us, the answer is always crystal clear – real flowers are the way to go! Fresh blooms offer a natural, organic look to your cake that fake blooms simply cannot muster. Fake flowers aren’t always realistic-looking but instead, give off a plastic sheen that can diminish the overall elegance and beauty of your wedding.

If health and sanitary concerns lead you down the path of faux flowers, keep in mind that there are many ways in which florists attach real flowers to wedding cakes in a safe and clean way. Utilizing toothpicks and wrapping stems are just two methods to ensure your wedding cake and icing don’t even come in contact with natural petals. Additionally, you can also special order “edible flowers” from your florist and make it clear you plan to decorate your cake or other desserts and drinks with fresh blooms. Unless your florist has confirmed their flowers are safe for consumption, you should never assume they are edible.  

Beautiful of Wedding Cake with Flowers on Top.

The Topic of Cake Toppers

A floral cake topper can be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding cake without going down the path of “ordinary.” Whether you surround newlywed figurines with a delicate floral garland, highlight a few berries and macarons with dainty petals, or opt for a small arrangement of fresh blooms to mimic your centerpieces, flower cake toppers will take your wedding cake to the next level. 

Wedding cake with purple cascading flowers

Getting Fancy With Florals

Dressing your wedding cake with fancy flowers is a great way to take your special day to the next level. From cascading blooms to intricate details, adding florals to your wedding cake can make your reception stand out. Whether you want to create a soft romantic vibe or something unique, adding a plethora of florals can help create a glamorous backdrop for your celebration. With the right combination of flowers and colors, you can easily create a look that will make your cake look like a work of art and add depth and texture to make it truly special. 

two-tiered wedding cake decorated with branches of greenery, stands on a table in the woods

Going Minimalist

Nothing says “a little goes a long way” quite like a minimalist wedding cake adorned with a few fresh flowers. A carefully chosen flower collection nestled here and there adds subtle yet stunning decoration to your wedding cake. Whether miniature roses, delicate succulents, or wild daisies. minimalist cakes with floral adornments look especially eye-catching in simple yet whimsical settings – such as a vintage-style rustic barn or ultra-modern art gallery. 

A beautiful white wedding cake decorated with colorful flowers on a wooden barrel

Naked Wedding Cakes Bare It All

Naked wedding cakes are a trend that is gaining popularity due to their rustic and romantic designs. These cakes are not completely naked- they are sometimes decorated with fresh fruits and nuts in addition to florals for a delightful and unique presentation. Naked wedding cakes are a great way to make your wedding cake blooms stand out on a raw canvas. The natural beauty of fresh blooms compliments the cake seamlessly and enhances the vibrant petals and vivid greenery. Naked wedding cakes adorned with fresh flowers are a refreshing and stylish way to express love on your special day.

Wedding cake with pressed flower design

Back to the Land With Wildflower Cakes

Wildflower wedding cakes are a fun and romantic way to add a touch of nature and creativity to your special day. A wildflower wedding cake can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme and will impress your guests with its pressed flower charm. Wildflowers come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect ones to match the rest of your floral decor and the overall look and feel of your day. 

Wedding cake floral is a wonderful avenue couples can take to fill their day with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Since wedding cakes are a focal point for any reception, consulting with a florist, like Griffin’s Floral Design, is always smart. This ensures your wedding cake can act as a piece of art and décor that matches the rest of your floral designs, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and accent arrangements. Talking to your wedding florist about your cake is also crucial to confirm that the blooms utilized are safe to consume or use for cake decorating.  

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