Bridal Shower Flowers

UntitledIf you are making plans for a wedding shower, you may find yourself thinking about gifts and menus, and less about flower arrangements. Flowers, after all, are for the bride on her day, right? Actually, when used well, flowers can be a stunning addition to the modern bridal shower. Here are some themes that are beautifully complemented with fresh flowers.

A Spring Themed Cocktail Party

If your wedding shower will be centered around cocktails, why not turn it into a spring themed shower? Summer brides will often be showered in late spring by their friends, so capitalize on the season with the shower theme.

The great thing about this particular theme is how simple the planning is. Simply choose a light, airy location, or an outdoor spot if it’s warm enough, and decorate the table and area with fresh flower arrangements. Then, spend a little time planning some delicious spring-inspired cocktails, and choose foods that go along well with the drinks. The rest is up to your guests! At the end of the party, send your guests home with a tin full of seeds they can plant that is topped with a fresh bud of the flower contained inside the package.

Are you honoring a bride in the winter? This does not negate the spring themed cocktail party. In fact, the bride and your guests may appreciate a taste of spring and some fresh flowers in the middle of the cold of winter.

A Bohemian Chic Party

Another great theme for a bridal shower is bohemian chic. You can use fresh flowers to decorate, again, and serve fresh fruits and vegetables. This type of shower lends itself well to an outdoor setting and a picnic arrangement. Consider inviting guests to wear their own floral crowns, or present them with crowns to wear while at the party. The bride-to-be will enjoy the laid back arrangement, and guests will feel more free to mingle amongst the flowers as they celebrate their friend.

Are you looking for more inspiration for your floral wedding shower? Browse the galleries at Griffin’s Floral Design, or talk to one of our florists. Let us help you create a party that will be complemented beautifully by fresh, gorgeous flowers.