Choosing Creative Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding venue is an important aspect of wedding planning. In fact, it can often be one of the first decisions you make, the one from which all other decisions are determined. But if, like many couples, you are working from a strict wedding budget, you may not be interested in paying a lot of money for the venue itself. Where you choose to have your wedding will play an important role in all of your plans. For instance, once you have the venue you can discuss flower and food delivery with your florist and caterer, the photographer can plan her shoot and so on. For that reason, the wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings have created a go-to list of the different categories of venue options. Take a look and make sure you’re happy with where you’ll be taking your vows as you move forward with your wedding plans!

Private Club Venues: While this may be one of the most expensive options, it can often be one of the easiest. If you or your family members belong to a country club, golf community, yacht club or other private establishment, having your wedding there could include everything from catering and decorating to entertainment and wedding coordinating as part of one package. Talk to your club first and find out the details- the price may be high but the amenities could be worth it.

Chairs with Red Ribbon

Church Venue: As the most traditional option, churches are a beautiful way to infuse your faith into this sacred occasion. They also often have a separate dining hall for your reception on site (typically alcohol is not allowed on the premises, either). However, many churches charge rental fees for non-members, and some will even deny access if you or your partner are not members. Discuss your options early with a church staff person to learn about their specific policies. 

Outdoor Venue: Many couples choose to take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding your area. As spring and summer approach, an outdoor venue such as Whetstone Park, located just north of Ohio State University, includes a beautiful rose garden and a rich local history for the price of a local city park. The Dawes Arboretum is another beautiful venue offered by the Parks Department that will keep costs low while providing a gorgeous backdrop to your special day. Choosing an affordable outdoor venue can leave room in your wedding budget for other details like flowers, food, and entertainment. Plus your guests will love joining you in such a romantic setting as you recite your vows. 

Wedding arch with flowers

Wedding arch with flowers

Your Own Backyard: If possible, the most affordable and memorable venue you could choose is your very own backyard (or that of a close friend or relative)! If you have the space, this option provides the most memories and offers tons of personalization. You can begin decorating well in advance, and any costs associated with sprucing up your yard for the wedding becomes an investment in your home. 

The space you choose to hold your wedding is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. You want to save room in your wedding budget for other expenditures while securing a beautiful setting for this special day. Once you’ve decided on your wedding venue, many other details can fall into place easily. For more help choosing the perfect setting for your wedding, share your ideas and inspiration with the professionals at Griffin’s Weddings. We’ll be glad to help you narrow down your choices, and we can recommend some of our favorite spots for the type of wedding you’re dreaming of.