The winter formal flower guide

‘Tis the Season for Florals & Fashion: A Style Guide to Winter Formals

The winter season, especially the holiday season, is brimming with parties and events. From winter weddings and school dances to Christmas soirees and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the winter formal season typically lights up the calendar in December and January. With a blend of chic sophistication and the whimsical touch of nature’s coldest season, winter […]

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Say "I do" to eco-friendly weddings

Tips for a Beautiful Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding

Many couples today are looking to honor Mother Nature and make their wedding celebrations more eco-friendly. Whether you’re wondering which items to replace with sustainable alternatives or searching for the most stunning yet environmentally-conscious flowers, the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design are sharing some valuable tips to help you plan and decorate your wedding with […]

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Celebrate to the fullest with floral decor

Vibrant Visions: The Art of Dopamine Decorating for All of Life’s Big Events

The warmth and happiness that bright, vibrant colors evoke, coupled with the nostalgic memories triggered by certain patterns and textures, are integral to dopamine decorating. This design approach focuses on filling your space with meaningful items, sentimental treasures, diverse fabrics, fun shapes, and vivid hues to easily bring joy and comfort. This approach to decorating […]

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Boho floral looks for weddings and events

Battle of the Boho Trends: Finding Your Perfect Boho Wedding Style

Boho-styled weddings are inspired by the allure of nature, creativity, self-expression, and freedom. “Boho,” short for “Bohemian,” has its roots in the Romani people, thought to originate from the Kingdom of Bohemia. While the boho look initially adopted elements of the Central European Romani with nomadic and anti-bourgeois elements, it has since evolved. Today, the […]

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