Boho floral looks for weddings and events

Battle of the Boho Trends: Finding Your Perfect Boho Wedding Style

Boho-styled weddings are inspired by the allure of nature, creativity, self-expression, and freedom. “Boho,” short for “Bohemian,” has its roots in the Romani people, thought to originate from the Kingdom of Bohemia. While the boho look initially adopted elements of the Central European Romani with nomadic and anti-bourgeois elements, it has since evolved. Today, the […]

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How to Elevate Your Business Open House with Powerful Flower Designs

Organizing a business open house allows you to connect with clients, colleagues, and local community members in a fun and fresh way. When deciding on food, drinks, décor, and flowers, you certainly might be looking for innovative ways to emphasize your brand’s identity, and eye-catching floral designs are the perfect tool. At Griffin’s Floral Design, […]

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How to Honor Various Life Anniversaries

Life anniversaries are special moments that should be celebrated and honored. However, knowing how to commemorate each life anniversary properly can be challenging, as they come in many different forms. This guide will provide tips and advice on properly honoring all life anniversaries, from the traditional to the unique. So, whether you are celebrating a […]

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