Five Ways To Enjoy Edible Flowers

Yes, you can make a five course meal out of flowers. Allow us here at Griffin’s Floral Design to explain.

Some flowers are more than just safe to consume, they’re delicious. Working edible flowers into dishes is becoming increasingly popular, though doing so has been around since ancient times. For millennia, people have been using all parts of flowers for various purposes ranging from ritualistic to medicinal to culinary. Flowers are more than just a garnish; they add to the flavor profile of a dish, contributing their herby perfume (lavender), sweet richness (roses) or peppery profile (nasturtiums) to everything from ravioli to macaroons. They add brightness to beef entrees, a tangy bite to appetizers like crostinis and tartines, and sugary satisfaction to cakes when they are crystallized or candied. Sprinkle a candied violet on a cupcake, and it’s suddenly elevated, a beautiful delicacy.

It’s easy to spruce up your reception dinner with edible blooms, especially when there’s so many to chose from. We’ve worked up a menu plan that showcases all the ways you can use them in your food, whether you’re serving pansy pancakes at the bridal brunch or beef filet flecked with hibiscus for dinner.

Rose-Colored Glasses

Add bright blooms to your cocktails for both taste and visual appeal—we’ve covered the topic of floral cocktails in full, but it bears repeating: There’s no better way to make your signature drink signature than to float it with flowers.

Herb and  Flower Hors d’oeuvres

Nasturtium are known for their peppery, watercress-esque flavor. Which makes them the perfect topper on a passed appetizer with a crusty bread base or as an accompaniment to beef carpaccio.

A Real Garden Salad

A smattering of pansies on a lush green salad makes a stunning presentation. Flowers and greens just go together, and the minty flavor of pansy is a bright, refreshing element that will surprise and delight your wedding guests.

A Blooming Entree

Classic entrees get a boost from flowers that provide a sweet or even sour component.

Let Them Eat Flowers

Blooms from the viola flower family, which includes violet and pansy, can make a stunning addition to a garden- or forest-themed cake. Freesia, another edible petal, is the main event on these simple cupcakes.

Flowers often look pretty enough to eat. It turns out, they are.

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