Griffin's Floral – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingSummer weddings are popular for good reason. Balmy weather, blue skies and bright sunshine create for beautiful photos and unforgettable ceremonies. When a couple chooses to have an al fresco event during the summer months – which in Columbus can mean temperatures into the mid 80’s – there are some things you can do to keep your day as cool as possible.


When considering a wedding in the summertime:


  • Plan your ceremony for either early morning or early evening. There will be ample sunlight, but cooler temperatures when the sun is not so high in the sky.
  • Have plenty of cool drinks to pass out to your guests as they wait for the ceremony or the reception. The theme of the wedding will dictate whether cold water bottles or fruity umbrella drinks are more appropriate.
  • Look for venues that are outdoors, but that have covered areas for shade; especially if those can be used to seat guests. Tents are perfect to keep off both sun and any unexpected rain – roll up the sides if the weather is sunny, down if a storm is passing through.
  • Choose flowers that are resistant to the heat; orchids and roses, as well as calla lilies, are popular choices for beautiful and fresh bouquets.
  • Whenever the bouquets are not on display, place them in vases of water to rehydrate and not begin to wilt.
  • Consider using centerpieces that showcase water, hence keeping the blooms immersed all day. Bubble bowls,underwater gardens, and tall flute vases filled with water and orchids are all gorgeous hot weather options.


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