How to Choose Bridal Party Attire

Planning a wedding can feel like you are juggling a million moving pieces, from decor and venue selections to deciding on a caterer and your guest list, and of course, we cannot forget about the flowers. With so much on your plate already, coordinating the perfect attire for your wedding party is one small, yet highly important part of this puzzle that involves the opinions of many. As your best friends or family members stand next to you while you exchange your vows and smile with you for photos, you want their dresses, suits, and tuxedos to enhance and complement the style of your wedding. As you think about the many directions your wedding party attire can go in, your friends here at Columbus Weddings are reminding you of a few routes and trends to consider.

Wedding party in classic black tuxedos and long blush dresses

Perfectly Matching Attire

One of the most classic and traditional ways to style your wedding party is with one uniform ensemble. Selecting one dress or tuxedo, and perhaps even the same shoes and accessories for everyone to wear creates a harmonious, clean, and polished look. With this simple and elegant attire to complement the overall look and feel of your wedding, you can be sure that everyone’s joy and smiles will stand out and radiate all day long.

Bridesmaids in pink dresses of different styles pinning flowers on groomsmen

Coordinating Colors

Since it can often be a challenge to please everyone in your wedding party with matching attire that fits their taste, preferences, and comfort level, some couples choose to create a cohesive style just by utilizing one of their primary wedding colors. This gives your wedding party the liberty of finding almost any outfit that reflects their personality and makes them feel confident, while still coordinating and creating a chic and eye-catching look. To ensure everyone is on the same page, supply your party with a color swatch and specific material guidelines as they search for their outfits.

Bridal party in pink and blue dresses standing in a line with bride and groom

Coordinating Styles

If you are having a difficult time deciding on a primary color for your wedding, or would rather create a comprehensive color palette to work with, this idea might be perfect to ease your stress of making a decision. On the flip side of selecting one color to create cohesion between your wedding party’s attire, you can select one style dress, suit, or tie and allow your party to choose between a few colors from your palette. By having a uniform look in various colors, everyone is sure to look sleek and polished, yet unique.

Bridesmaids standing in a line wearing different dresses

Eclectic Mismatched Look

A quirky yet attractive trend that couples are leaning into is having an eclectic and mismatched look for their wedding. From a fun collection of furniture and artistic decor to unique wedding party attire, there is something alluring about this diversity. However, this trend is not a “free for all” and you should follow a few guidelines to ensure continuity and likeness. As everyone takes the opportunity to find an ensemble that speaks to them, present them with a color palette, textures, and style examples to work with. With this dynamic fashion, the individuals in your wedding party are sure to feel their most comfortable and confident as well as appreciate your respect for their taste.

Coordinating the details of your wedding theme and how your wedding party’s attire can fit and complement your design is often met with outside ideas and opinions to consider. While you cannot be expected to agree with everyone, it is important to respect what makes your family and friends confident and comfortable. As you solidify the details of everyone’s wedding wardrobe, the next step is to coordinate bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral creations to finesse the overall look. When it becomes time for you to cross that bridge, your trusted friends and experts here at Columbus Weddings are happy to work with you and put together the best flower designs for your big day.