Learn Which Trendy Wedding Color Palettes Are “In” for 2022 and 2023

Wedding color palettes set the mood of your event, so it’s essential to choose colors you love and represent your spirit, personality, as well as the time we’re living in. Popular wedding color combinations often change, like any other trend. So, to stay current and to find a wedding color palette that’s perfect for you, the wedding experts at Griffin’s Floral Design are listing the top wedding colors for 2022 and 2023.
We couldn’t be more in awe about the variety of new and unusual color combinations, shades, and hues we’re seeing in this year’s weddings. There are plenty of exciting color palettes in brights, pastels, and neutrals, along with interesting shades and hues that are new and refreshing. If you haven’t selected your wedding color palette yet, check out what’s trending below.

Top Wedding Color Palettes for 2022 and 2023

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1. Monochromatic Color Palette

Choose a monochromatic wedding palette for an elegant, contemporary, and surprising color theme. Examples we’ve seen include an array of champagne and rose gold tones, blush tones, warm peachy tones, and shades of blue that are sophisticated yet soft, romantic, and beautiful.
Wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride.

2. Green Tones

A variety of green tones in the form of fresh greenery has grown in popularity at weddings. Budget-friendly greenery works with weddings during any time of the year and with any color theme. Expect to see a lot of greenery in all weddings this year and next, especially green tones that carry over to linens, flowers, decor, and fabrics.
Beautiful unusual boho chic wedding arch for ceremony

3. Terra Cotta and Rust

These warm colors were popular in 2021 and will continue to be strong in 2022 and 2023. The warm and friendly hues of burnt orange, terra cotta, rust, rose gold, and champagne are perfect for boho- and rustic-themed weddings.
floral design, wedding decor, love concept. top view of adorable bouquet of different flowers, there are delicate pink roses, lilac anemones and dark maroon persian buttercups

4. Bold Jewel Tones

Usually seen in fall weddings, rich jewel tones have made their way into summer weddings. There are plenty of summer flowers with dark, vibrant hues and saturated colors suited for this theme, especially blues, ruby reds, vivid purples, and emerald green. These rich and romantic shades are perfect for brides who are into high style and fashion.
bride in a dress standing in a green garden and holding a wedding bouquet of flowers and greenery

5. Earth Tones & Neutral Colors

For a peaceful, natural, and soft vibe at your wedding, choose classic neutrals in shades such as ivory, champagne, and dusty rose. Or, choose a similar wedding color palette of earth tones such as nude, beige, and soft white, paired with darker rust and olive green accents. These lovely, natural hues are perfect for nature-inspired backyard, garden, boho, or beachside weddings.
Bride and bridesmaids in sea green and blue

6. Sea Glass and Sage

Sage and sea glass are serene, calm, and refreshing colors. These offbeat yet ethereal green hues are becoming one of the most popular color trends of 2022. Greens are universally flattering and complement other colors. Try bridesmaids’ dresses in sage green or table linens in sea glass for a lovely, cool, yet exciting wedding palette.
very peri and blue wedding flowers

7. Light Blue & Very Peri

A classic wedding color, we’re used to seeing blue in darker shades of navy, royal, and sapphire. In 2022 and 2023, expect to see lighter shades of blue tones such as porcelain blue and Very Peri – Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, which is a lovely shade of periwinkle blue. From wedding invitations to bridesmaids’ dresses and table linens to accent florals, Veri Peri and porcelain blue are colors leading the 2022 wedding trend.
Close-up of a bride’s bouquet of amaryllis, anthurium, roses, carnations, eucalyptus in white-peach shades. The bride in a lace white dress holds a bouquet in her hands. White sand

8. Peachy Pink

Replacing the pale pinks of the past, peachy and light orange tones will be in more demand. A striking, fresh, and modern look is to pair peachy tones with contrasting hues such as Very Peri or Mint Green.
Couple hugging on their wedding. Trendy color of the year 2022 in wedding. Bride holding bouquet and embracing groom in Very Peri suit.

9. Lavender & Gray

Shades of soft dark and light lavender combined with cool greys is an elegant and serene color combo perfect for fans of Bridgerton. Accented with greenery, the lavender and gray hues offer charming sensuality with an elegant flair.
Beautiful wedding bouquet sitting on a chair

10. Green & Mauve 

Another color combination that evokes soft passion with a touch of boho-chic and Victorian style is the wedding color combination of neutral, pale greens, and dusty mauve. Paired together in bouquets, bridesmaid’s dresses, table linens, and other decor, this wedding color palette evokes natural beauty, femininity, and romanticism.
Hopefully, one of the above color palettes has inspired your choice of wedding colors. Remember to keep in mind the colors within your venue when choosing so there’s no conflict with the color of the carpet or walls. And for all your wedding and special event florals, Griffin’s Floral Design is here to help!