Pro Tips For Great Wedding Photos

While you want everything about your wedding day to be perfect, the pictures are the pieces that last even when the ceremony is over. It’s important that everyone looks their best for the camera, and the design experts at Columbus Wedding Flowers have some tips on how to do that.

  • Play up all the angles. When you turn your body at a 45 degree angle to the camera, it will have a flattering, slimming effect. Be sure to hold your flowers on your camera side and closer to hip level for a more natural look.
  • Practice good posture. Just like grandmother always told you, standing up straight will give you more energy and help you look better in your pictures. Use your flowers to help you. Hold them loosely with one hand at hip level to prevent your shoulders from slumping.

  • Rely on the people around you. Your bridesmaids are there for more than just holding your bouquet during the ceremony. Have one of them stand off-camera and talk to you during pictures. You’ll feel like you’re taking a break from the camera for a few minutes, and the natural reactions on your face will make beautiful photos.
  • Keep moving. Walk with your groom, twirl with your flower girl, hug your parents. Any amount of movement will create interesting photos to captivate the moment.

  • Include random elements. Instead of the conventional perfectly-aligned wedding party, create depth and character. Have some sitting and others standing. Let the bridesmaids each hold their flowers at a different angle. Have people looking in different directions, or talking to one another.

When you give your shots a little forethought, you’ll end up with creative, interesting wedding photos you’ll love to look at. Talk to the floral experts at Columbus Wedding Flowers for more ideas about how to pose perfectly for your wedding photos.