Seven Thoughts on Wedding Venues

Now that you’re engaged, you’re starting to envision what your perfect wedding day will look like. You might be thinking of an outdoor wedding with nature surrounding you, or you may have the perfect indoor venue in mind. Either way, you’ll want to decorate in a style appropriate for your venue as well as for your theme. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor setting, Griffin’s Weddings has some great ideas for you to consider when thinking about floral decor. Here are seven of our top considerations for your indoor or outdoor wedding.

Moon shaped floral installation for outside wedding flower display

Outdoor Floral Installations

Floral installations are an excellent addition to any outdoor wedding. These artistic structures can be a gorgeous focal point, a strategic border to define your outdoor space, or a welcoming entrance for guests to enjoy. Floral installations, much like sculptures of art covered in flowers, can enhance your floral decisions with your bridal bouquet, plus they become an inventive backdrop for photo ops!

Blush flowers for outdoor wedding arch

Outdoor Floral Arches

Every wedding needs an altar, and if you’re holding your ceremony outdoors, that specific aspect of your wedding may not be readily obvious. However, when you add a trellis or arch to the front of your staging, guests will feel centered and your entire wedding will have a sense of balance. Cover this archway or trellis with your wedding flowers or greenery that’s complementary for a fresh, natural look.

Flower decor on wedding chairs

Outdoor Seating and Floral Decor

When designing your seating for your outdoor wedding, you’ll want to include touches that make the look your own. Sprigs of blossoms or greenery that match your bridal bouquet, artfully added to every other chair or at the ends of your aisles, will go a long way in tying the entire setting’s look together. For a fun flair, place one stem of your bouquet’s flowers in each seat and let guests keep their flower as a memento of your special day. 

Elegant white flower petal wedding aisle and white flower aisle markers

Outdoor Aisle Floral Borders

As well as all spaces in an outdoor wedding, it’s up to you to define which spaces are used for what purposes. For your center aisle, define the walkway with flowers or plants that echo your theme. Pots of succulents in varying sizes, stately urns filled with abundant roses or peonies, or scattered petals that create artistic patterns will all make a statement while leading you straight down the aisle to your destiny. 

Fun purple flower wall at wedding, bride and groom kissing

Indoor Flower Walls

If you’re planning to have your ceremony or reception indoors, a flower wall can be a beautiful addition. Add a full wall of beautiful blooms or hang strings of flowers and greenery against a wall for a gorgeous photo backdrop. This can also be placed behind the couple’s altar or their seats at the reception. 

Beautiful hanging floral wedding decor

Indoor Hanging Installations

For a more three-dimensional effect, hang beautiful floral designs from the rafters. Whether you include one giant floral design in the center of the room or install several smaller designs throughout the room, guests will love feeling surrounded by flowers and greenery on every side- even from above! 

Large elegant and romantic flower wedding centerpieces

Indoor Traditional Flowers

Of course, traditional wedding flowers are always in style. Beautiful centerpieces consisting of flowers similar to the bridal bouquet, floral designs donning the food and drink tables, the DJ’s stand, and the restrooms are all great ways to create continuity and give everything a more festive feel.

Whether you choose to have your wedding indoors or outside, including flowers throughout your day in creative ways will always add beauty and significance to your special day. For more ideas about how to include your favorite flowers in your specific wedding setting, talk to the floral experts at Griffin’s Weddings. We’re here to make sure your wedding is everything you want it to be, no matter where you hold it.