Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to mix classic tradition with stylish trends. You can show off your own sense of style and ingenuity while maintaining traditional elements that connect you to the past and future. The “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” adage is a great frame for meshing creativity and age-old classics.

Something old can be a family heirloom, passed down through generations, that you will one day pass down to your children. Something new is easy- often a bride’s dress or accent pieces are new. Something borrowed comes from the time-honored idea that borrowing an item from a successful friend will cause a little of their prosperity to rub off on you! Something blue can be a little more difficult unless blue is already part of your wedding palette. But the floral designers at Griffin’s Weddings know that including a little touch of blue can be simple and beautiful. So, consider these types of gorgeous flowers that will lend a lovely touch to your wedding day. 

Delphinium- Elongated and elegant, these summer blooms make a gorgeous statement all on their own. They also highlight other blooms or add texture and height to centerpieces or other accent decor.


Hyacinth- Cute and fragrant, hyacinths make great boutonnieres or corsages. Their hardy nature will hold up throughout a day full of hugs and dances. Plus their stems are as sweet as the blooms themselves, making them adorable additions to your place settings.


Contact UsHydrangea- Hydrangea, often a go-to bloom for filler flowers, can round out a beautiful bouquet or add a touch of soft blue peeking out from beneath brighter, bolder blooms. But have you considered giving hydrangea a starring role in your bouquet? Lacy, full and oh-so-elegant, these fresh flowers can be the final touch you’ve been looking for.


As you plan your wedding, take the opportunity to include something blue through the flowers you choose and complete your obligations to tradition. Beautiful, creative floral designs are always a surprise and delight at weddings. Talk to the floral artisans at Griffin’s Weddings for more creative ideas about how to include lovely blue blooms into your wedding day. We look forward to helping you make your best day the best ever.