Spring Bridal Swings

A new trend that we are seeing in weddings this season includes the idea of swings! Hang a beautifully decorated swing somewhere in the vicinity of your wedding or reception for multiple purposes. Swings can be used for the bride, bridal party or flower girls posing in photos, or place flowers on your swing for a beautiful still shot of the colors and flowers you chose for your wedding. Swings can also be used to serve your cake as an alternative to the traditional cake table with flowers or candlelight adorning it. Get a little creative with your swing at your wedding this season but make sure you have one! It’s the trendiest, most charming new element of weddings this year. The floral designers at Columbus Weddings will be happy to help you choose the perfect swing and of course decorate it with flowers complementary to those in your bouquet and centerpieces at your wedding.

Swinging Cakes For a novelty that will keep guests talking and create a buzz, choose to forego the traditional cake table and opt for a cake swing instead. A lovely wide wooden swing with rope arms covered in vines or flowers will be an eye-catching delight at your wedding. Innovation meets timeless style with this trendy but fashionable design.

Swinging Flowers Place your wedding flowers on your gorgeous wedding swing for a perfect garden of color and style. Decorated with complimentary flowers to match your wedding bouquet, a still life photo of flowers on a swing speaks volumes of your story to the world through pictures. This creative, artistic element will be a simple yet gorgeous way to document your special day.

Swinging Brides There is nothing sweeter than a bride on a floral swing, waiting for her groom, surrounded by her bridesmaids, wistful and hopeful. The lovely serenity of this scene is as simple as a few special additions to your wedding decor and can created easily for gorgeous pictures and memories.

If you choose to include a swing at your wedding this season, talk to the floral artisans at Columbus Weddings about the most creative and innovative ways to include these beauties, along with your wedding flowers, in your special scene this season.

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