Tips for Designing the Perfect Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never created a website before. But even if technology is the furthest thing from your mind as you’re thinking about dresses and cake and flowers, trust us that a wedding website will become your favorite tool as you forge the wedding planning stage of engagement. The wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings have some great tips and insights to help you choose and use your wedding website in ways that will make this entire process a delight. From including essential information for guests (all in one place, instead of fielding calls for months) to personalizing your sight to match your couple style, you’ll find that a wedding website, while not essential, is truly going to make the wedding planning process a smoother, more streamlined endeavor. Here are some tips to consider as you get started. 

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Where to Start

Once you’ve chosen the website company you want to use, the only information you’ll actually need to provide to get started are your names and wedding date! Create a simple, straight-forward save-the-date in a few easy steps, and voila! You have established a virtual space for all of your friends and family to garnish whatever information they may need as the big day approaches. From there, you can add details as you know them. Some essential information all guests will want to know is your wedding date, time and location, hotel reservation information, dress code, wedding registry, and your RSVP date. You’ll also have the ability to gather information from guests, like physical and email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant information like food allergies. Having everything in one place makes wedding planning easy for everyone involved. 

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Additional Information

Beyond the basics, most wedding websites allow you to personalize your page with photos of you and your fiance, details about the venue, photos and bios of your wedding attendants, and even a playlist of songs that represent your relationship. Get creative and style your page to match the theme and colors of your wedding so guests have a glimpse of what they can expect. If certain aspects of your wedding hold special meaning to you as a couple, share the backstory here and give your guests a sense of connection to you before they even arrive. Are you carrying the same flowers your grandmother grew in her garden? Share a photo and tell that story. Could guests pop into the coffee shop where you first met? Give them details while they’re in town so they can stop by! Turn your wedding website into something special for you to share with your guests before they even arrive, making the wedding almost as meaningful to them as it will be to you.

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Why You’re Going to Love It

Not only will you love being so connected to your guests before the big day arrives, but you’ll also love the fact that most wedding website services are free, and they don’t even skimp on the amenities. Feeling organized has never been so easy. Having all of your information in one spot allows you to locate necessary information quickly, too, and will ultimately lift a large amount of stress off your shoulders, freeing you up to be more creative as you enjoy the wedding planning process. Finally, once the big day is over, you have all of your guests’ contact info gathered in one spot, making thank-you cards and future holiday cards a non-issue. 


No one should spend their engagement feeling stressed and frazzled. With a wedding website, you’ll feel organized, in control, and freed up to make more creative decisions that you and your guests will love. Follow these tips to get the most out of your wedding website and connect to your friends and family in significant ways throughout your engagement. To learn more about our favorite wedding websites and how to use them effectively, talk to the experts at Griffin’s Weddings. We’re here to make sure you enjoy everything about your wedding, including the planning stages, from start to finish.