Using Chrysanthemums in Your Wedding Décor

chrysanthemumWho says spring and summer are best for weddings? An autumn ceremony allows for chic and innovative style decisions, and this includes fall flowers. The chrysanthemum is one of the most beautiful and classically “fall” choices for centerpieces, bouquets and accents.

Chrysanthemums, or “mums” are daisy-like, with decorative petals and a radiant yellow center. They symbolize optimism and joy, making them an ideal choice for a wedding flower. They have been cultivated for centuries, creating a huge range of shades and colors, including red and purple as well as white and lighter tones. Chrysanthemums are also the November birth flower and an all around fall favorite. Using chrysanthemums for your fall wedding décor is a natural choice; here are some design and placement suggestions:

Chrysanthemums in Wedding Bouquets

Chrysanthemums blend very well with roses and lilies, two other traditional wedding flowers. While choosing contrasting colors is one approach, these flower types also look amazing in an all-white arrangement. From cascading bouquets to hand-tied, nosegay and contemporary arrangements, chrysanthemums in wedding bouquets bring a touch of fall abundance to your special day.

Chrysanthemum Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces come in a variety of compelling styles, from low arrangements that hug the table to high, ornate centerpieces that make a big statement. Again, just as in bouquets, a wedding centerpiece adorned with chrysanthemums blends well with roses, lilies, hydrangea and many other traditional wedding flowers.

Making Fall Wedding Floral Design Your Own

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using chrysanthemums in your fall wedding décor. You can use them traditionally, but it’s also possible to break with tradition and use them in innovative, unexpected ways.

Blending low and high. Can’t decide on a low or a high centerpiece? Then why not create a hybrid of both and enjoy the best of both worlds? Chrysanthemums could make an amazing anchor flower for this type of bouquet, with stately lilies or orchids emanating from the base to take their breath away.

Mixing metaphors for dazzling results. While the chrysanthemum is an earthy flower from the countryside, that doesn’t mean it can’t “play well” with very different flower types and design elements. For example, consider pairing the chrysanthemum with tropical blooms, or blend mums and country wildflowers with more “chic” wedding design elements for an artfully bohemian effect.

Use your imagination to incorporate the chrysanthemum in beautiful ways for your autumn wedding. Columbus Wedding Flowers is ready to assist you in creating the wedding style and décor of your dreams.