Wedding Flowers You’ll Want To Pin

If you pay attention to Pinterest, they’ll tell you Pinterest is a big deal for brides and grooms.

A 2017 company blog provided some enlightening information as to just how popular the content-sharing platform has become. Forty million people use the site every year in wedding planning, and together they pin 900 related items to 38 million wedding boards. They create virtual vision boards for everything from groom’s cakes to honeymoon destinations, but one thing’s for sure—millions of those boards are dedicated to wedding flowers. Given the site’s influence on brides and grooms across the land, it’s no wonder everyone’s vying to create a Pinterest-worthy image these days. So what makes one floral photograph rise above the rest and become a Pinterest favorite? These flowers exude presence. They command attention. They look made for editorials and photograph beautifully. Often, they introduce us to lesser known flowers or present striking new combinations. Anything but typical, they capture our imaginations and give us something to aspire to in planning our own weddings.

Bouquets that look amazing in photographs often push the boundaries of what’s expected or been done before. They also depict a wide range of moods—in this case, whimsical and nostalgic.

Many of the most-pinned bouquets you’ll see on Pinterest or in magazines or other editorial work feature a bold, future-forward flower. These blooms are full of texture, unusual color and distinctive shape. They make a spectacular photographic subject, which is what helps ultimately launch them into everyday bouquets.

Table flowers that get Pinned a lot, like bouquets, acquaint us with modern shapes and colors as well as innovative presentations. We may take one or two ideas from a single example rather than recreate the whole look entirely. After all, Pinterest-worthy flowers are there to inspire our wedding florals, not dictate them. Griffin’s Floral Design is here to help you realize your unique floral vision.

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