Wedding Trends to Watch in 2021

The past several months have led to a lot of flexible thinking and creative planning to pull off amazing weddings. As we move into 2021, the wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings look forward to standing on the shoulders of 2020 and using what we learned to create beautiful, unique, and safe weddings. In the coming year, we expect to see couples opt for smaller, more intimate weddings that honor locally sourced vendors. In many cases, trends will take couples and their guests to destination celebrations, or see them postponing their larger parties for later. While special accommodations will be made to keep guests safely distanced, couples will also take advantage of these new circumstances to personalize and specialize their event like never before. Take a look at just some of the upcoming trends in 2021 as you think about how you’ll make the most of these unique times for your unique wedding. 

Micro Weddings

As we learned how to keep our gatherings smaller and more socially distanced, brides and grooms everywhere have embraced the trend of micro-weddings: small, intimate ceremonies with roughly 25 or fewer guests. The upside of smaller numbers is that there’s usually more budget per person, meaning couples can be more extravagant with these close loved ones. Think of full-scale dinner parties, specialized wine tastings, and personalized favors like favorite candies or floral designs. When the numbers are lower, the creativity amps up for truly unique wedding celebrations.

Say It Now, Enjoy It Later (or Longer) 

Many couples are opting to stay safe now and celebrate later. In 2021, we’ll see more elopements, destination weddings and postponed parties. Couples are still eager to say “I Do,” so they will…they’ll just include everyone else later when our world becomes safer for group gatherings. Alternatively, some couples are including just their nearest and dearest in a weekend-long celebration, allowing them to enjoy all of their guests fully and for more time than just on the wedding day itself. 

Something Green 

2020 brought us a renewed focus on all things green, from fresh bright succulents, ferns, eucalyptus, and cacti to eco-conscious events that use locally sourced materials, food, flowers, and vendors. Choosing to stay green is huge in weddings this year and will reflect your progressive thinking as you support your community and the world around you.

Signature Food & Drink 

A hot trend that couples are loving in 2021 is that of specialty foods. Overpriced catering services are being replaced with specialized food trucks where couples can customize the menu. Signature cocktails, whether the couples’ own favorite drinks or the drinks they know their guests love, are wildly popular now. Consider combining the two and having a mixologist truck bring the open bar to you!

Virtual Weddings

Staying socially distanced and responsible has come to mean a lot of virtual communication in the past few months. Now that we’re all pros at Zoom conferences, we’ll start seeing more couples hosting virtual wedding ceremonies as live streaming takes hold. Videographers are about to have their day in the sun as these live video feeds become more popular, even utilizing drones to capture the entire scope of the event. For guests who are uneasy or unable to travel, let them participate virtually and feel very much a part of the event from their home. 

While we may not be returning to normal just yet, 2021 does give us a chance to learn from all the changes we endured in 2020. Don’t let the changing world keep you from enjoying the wedding of your dreams. Take advantage of this upcoming year to indulge in as many unique wedding ideas as you like. So many rules have been tossed out the window that you’re now free to do as much or as little tradition as you like. At Griffin’s Weddings, we’re eager to help you make the most of such a special day. Talk to us about your ideas and let us help you make them a reality.