Wedding Bouquets Decoded: The Top 8 Shapes You Need to Know

If you’re diving into the whimsical world of wedding bouquets and aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding bouquets are different from your average, everyday floral bouquet. Of course, they’re perfectly curated to reflect your personalized wedding theme and colors, but they’re also built to last from dusk till dawn. Unlike everyday arrangements, wedding bouquets aren’t simply adorning your kitchen table or being sent to a loved one to brighten their day. Instead, wedding bouquets are designed to withstand an entire day of being carried, passed around, photographed from all angles, and, of course, transported with the utmost care. There are all sorts of mechanisms in place (and then beautifully hidden) to ensure your wedding bouquet stays fresh and fabulous all day long!

So, you’ve been pinning, dreaming, and maybe even drooling a bit over a wide variety of wedding bouquets. Whether you’re all about the timeless elegance of roses and ranunculus, vibing with Pantone’s 2024 Peach Fuzz, or obsessing over that ultra-trendy crystal-stemmed bouquet that’s all over your Instagram feed, you might know exactly what you want in your bouquet. But wedding bouquets are more than picking pretty flowers. Even if you feel like you’ve got it all figured out, choosing the perfect design and shape for your bouquet might have you scratching your head. Not to worry – that’s why we’re here! The pros at Griffin’s Floral Designs are giving you the lowdown on the top eight wedding bouquet shapes that are making waves.

Natural & Freeform

Calling all free spirits! If “laid-back” and “organic” are how you’d describe your vibe, a natural or freeform bouquet is your match made in heaven. Think boho-chic with an abundance of lush greenery and flowers that look like they’ve been freshly picked and effortlessly arranged. And the best part? There are no rules when it comes to a freeform bouquet, so you can go wild and design something that is 100% yours.

Closeup of young beauty skinny bride holding perfect bridal bouquet of fresh colorful flowers in hands. Happy woman wearing white gorgeous wedding dress. Color picture.


For those who love a bit of drama (the good kind, of course), the crescent bouquet is all about making a statement as you walk down the aisle. As its name suggests, this bouquet shape curves like the crescent moon, cradling blooms and greenery in a way that screams symmetry and abundance. So, if you’re all about bold designs and lots of flowers, the crescent bouquet is probably calling your name.

A bride holding a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers wearing a unique, off shoulder bridal gown in front of a patina teal blue exposed brick wall photographed on film


On the other end, we have the semi-crescent bouquet – the cooler, more relaxed sibling that’s all about asymmetry. It’s a playful twist on the crescent, offering an uneven silhouette. Each semi-crescent bouquet is a masterpiece of personalized design, reflecting your unique vibe. It’s perfect for couples looking for something a little different yet still trendy.

rainbow bouquet of flowers held by a bride in a crisp white dress


If you appreciate the timeless elegance of “old money” trends, round bouquets are for you. Traditional yet adaptable, they can be jazzed up with the hottest flowers of the year (hello, ranunculus and peonies!) to create a bouquet that blends the best of both worlds. Like your little black dress, it’s the ideal combination of timeless and modern.

Beautiful red bouquet. The bride is holding a bouquet in her hands. Flowers of the bride on the background of a white dress.


For a touch of drama and romance, let us introduce you to the cascading bouquet! With its waterfall-like design of flowers and greenery, this bouquet shape brings an element of enchantment to any wedding style. It’s all about the flow and the flair, adding movement and grace that echoes the gentle sweep of a veil.

Big fall inspired wedding bouquet with deep pink proteas and cascading florals held by boho bride


The long-stem bouquet is a nod to simplicity and sophistication, especially if it highlights just one type of flower, like calla lilies or hyacinths. Ideal for a sleek and chic look, these bouquets let the beauty of statement blooms shine, all while keeping a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. With its longer stems, it’s the perfect canvas for adding a personal touch, such as a bouquet charm or family heirloom.

bride holding bouquet long stem white and purple flowers


Mini bouquets for your bridal party can mirror your own epic bouquet while standing out in their adorable, compact form. Their sweet, easy-to-hold design makes them an especially obvious choice for junior bridesmaids and flower girls. But don’t discount a mini bouquet for you, either! If you have a fun, quirky style or are planning a more intimate wedding, these little bundles of blooms are as cute as they are chic.

Small red and peach flower bouquet

Floral Hoop

And for those who march to the beat of their own drum, the floral hoop is a creative alternative to wedding bouquets. Typically crafted around a golden metal ring, these innovative “bouquets” come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, ranging from polished metals to rustic, natural looks. With stems artfully arranged on either the bottom or side of the hoop, they offer a minimalist wreath vibe that’s all your own.

The hoop bouquet is shaped like a circle and resembles a sort of hula hoop. It is suitable for all ceremonies and young brides.

With a little help from the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs, dream big and let your bouquet be a blooming expression of your personality and style.