10 Fabulous Bridal Bouquet Styles For Your Wedding

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding is an essential part of creating the overall look you’ll have for your wedding. The style of wedding bouquet will emphasize the general vibe of your wedding, whether it’s elegant and stately or fresh and casual. You’ll want to choose a bouquet style and shape that accentuates your look as well as the feel of the entire day. With so many designs and options available, it can be challenging to know which to choose. That’s why the floral experts at Griffin’s Weddings have put together this wedding bouquet glossary for you. Take a look at the various types of wedding bouquets available and find the perfect look for your big day. 

Classic Bouquet

Classic: A great example of a classic bouquet is the presentation style. Carried in the crook of the bride’s arm, this sweeping design has most often been seen in pageants, giving it a regal and elegant association. Another simple yet classic design that provides a sweet, understated look is the posy bouquet. Smaller and less demonstrative, these work well with Gerber daisies, ranunculus, or peonies in your wedding colors. 



Nosegay: This clean, fresh bouquet features tightly bound flowers, usually of the same variety, tied together and cut at the same length for uniformity. An excellent clutch bouquet, this style is unique for petite brides or small, intimate gatherings. 




Modern: Some of the more contemporary designs being created today have unique, original shapes and textures that don’t fall into specific categories. They can be open, asymmetrical, or full of unexpected blooms. This is a great way to showcase your creativity during your wedding!


Round Bouquet

Round Bouquet

Round/Biedermeier: Round bouquets are just that- no real front or side, but spherical to give more fullness to your look. Biedermeier bouquets are a type of round bouquet in which layers of flowers are created, giving the bouquet a striped effect that is absolutely stunning.



Autumn weddings

Crescent Bouquet

Crescent: The shape of a crescent bouquet resembles a half-moon or crescent arch. This look can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and can have a modern or vintage look, depending on the flowers and foliage you choose to include. 



Cascading Bouquet

Cascading Bouquet

Cascading: Flowers appear to simply overflow from your hands in this gorgeous gathering of blooms. Trailing strands of ivy or eucalyptus alongside your choice of blooms give a tapering effect like a waterfall. 




Kissing Ball - Ball of Pink Roses hanging

Kissing Ball

Pomander: Sometimes called a “kissing ball,” this round bouquet of similar blooms is attached to a ribbon you can wear or swing as you carry it down the aisle. Often reserved for bridesmaids or flower girls, this style is becoming increasingly popular among brides themselves for a unique twist on the classic hand-held bouquet. 



white Composite Bouquet

Composite Bouquet

Composite: This innovative design is an artistic and dramatic combination of same-variety flowers, petals, and colors, constructed to appear like one giant bloom. Dramatic and extravagant, these are often seen in more lavish weddings for a unique effect. 



Rustic Bouquet

Rustic Bouquet

Rustic: A single bloom, a gathering of wildflowers, or a simple just-picked farm-fresh design will lend a wealth of character to your rustic wedding. Consider using daisies or sunflowers with plenty of greenery in a rustic bouquet. 



Boho Bouquet with colorful wild flowers

Boho Bouquet

Boho: Similar to rustic design, a hand-tied bouquet of collected wildflowers will keep a loose, free feel to your entire wedding. Natural and fresh, these open bouquets feel less restricted and can be created yourself if you’re eager to try a DIY bouquet. 



Choosing the perfect look to cap off your wedding starts and ends with the bouquet you carry down the aisle. Not only will it enhance your wedding dress, hair and makeup, it will also tie your look together with the rest of the wedding. The shape, style, and colors you choose all create specific effects, so talk to the professionals at Griffin’s Weddings about the wedding you’re dreaming of. We’ll be happy to help you create the perfect bouquet for your special day.