Toast to the Twenties: A Couple’s Guide to a Sultry Speakeasy Wedding

Step into a time machine and travel back to the roaring 20s! It was the era of women in flapper dresses and men in dapper three-piece suits sneaking into speakeasies with art decor and Great Gatsby vibes. For a speakeasy-themed wedding, we’re taking cues from the Prohibition Era to inspire music, fashion, decor, and floral choices that will be nothing less than stylish and sultry. At Griffin’s Floral Designs, we’re sharing the secret password and leading you to a brilliant wedding where the jazz is hot, cocktails and mocktails are lavish, vintage styles are ritzy, and the florals and decor are cool and sleek, and, if we may, “the cat’s pajamas!”

Create a speakeasy vibe with floral arrangements with feather accents

What’s Art Deco without gold geometric shapes and the frill of feathers in every corner?! This aesthetic was the definition of the 1920s Prohibition Era. So, incorporate this suave style into your floral arrangements with feather accents, adding soft and smooth movement to your speakeasy wedding. From ostrich feathers to peacock feathers and fluffy marabou feathers, cascading bouquets with iridescent shimmer and inviting texture are the best ways to pay homage to the free spirit of the Jazz Age.

Feather florals

Wear vintage or vintage-inspired dresses and outfits

Dive into a wardrobe wormhole where the roaring ’20s and today’s trends collide! Vintage-inspired fashion is your ticket to creating a look that’s both a nod to the speakeasy era and a wink at modern fashion. Picture a gown that marries the elaborate beadwork of the Jazz Age with the sleek lines of contemporary design, all while spinning in your unique style. From the choice of cutting-edge fabrics to personalized beadwork, embroidery, and even trending bows and flower details, your wedding dress will be a testament to timeless elegance and individuality. It’s your day to sparkle in a gown as unique as your love story – a perfect mix of yesterday’s allure and today’s fashion-forward thinking.

Bride with vintage feather fan

Accent with elegant flower decorations for the bar and dining tables

Think of your speakeasy wedding like a scene straight out of a jazz-infused, Gatsby-esque bash, where the flowers infuse color and life into the atmosphere! We’re talking a floral lineup that swings to the rhythm of the roaring 20s: classic roses that whisper sweet nothings and pink anthuriums that allure from the tabletops. These blooming style icons are ready to mingle with shimmering vintage glassware, tables decked out in old-school glam, and candles flickering like the twinkling stars of a bygone era. Toast to your love surrounded by the spirit of the era where every petal is part of the celebration.

Wedding centerpiece with pink anthuriums and feathers

Have plenty of comfy seating accented with flowers

Swing from the lively dance floor straight into the arms of an elegantly cozy lounge, where the air is sweet thanks to the aroma of roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. These lush retreats are designed for whispers of gossip, bursts of laughter, and the sparking of romance under the spell of fragrant blooms. Imagine your guests recharging in the lap of luxury, nestled among plush seating and enveloped by the beauty of carefully chosen flowers. These lounges become the hidden speakeasies within your speakeasy, where every cushioned corner invites guests to sink in a little deeper, stay a little longer, and let the night unfold in the most enchanting way possible. Here, amidst the petals and soft lights, the dance of friendships and flirtations takes a graceful twirl.

Classy lounge at wedding with velvet furniture and flowers

Decorate cakes with Art Deco accents

Your wedding cake should transport your guests straight to the prohibition days with just one look (and bite!). Collaborate with your baker to infuse every layer with the essence of Art Deco – think lavish designs, crisp lines, and a balance of shapes that mirror the iconic architecture of the time. If you’re leaning towards a more understated elegance, circular tiers wrapped in golden highlights, nestled among candles and soft greenery, set the stage. Elevate the sophistication with fresh roses that marry the boldness of the era with a touch of timeless beauty. This approach to your wedding cake weaves together the celebratory spirit of the speakeasy with the refined grace that defines your day.

art deco style multi-layer wedding cake

Decorate antique cars with flower arrangements

Make your post-wedding escape a masterpiece with vintage vehicles that capture the essence of the 1920s. For a splash of romance and refinement, adorn each antique car with custom floral arrangements that mirror your wedding bouquet and extravagant centerpieces. This floral flourish pays homage to an era where luxury was a lifestyle, and every celebration was steeped in opulence. It’ll be a beautifully orchestrated sendoff that leaves a lasting impression.

Bride and groom in front of old car

At Griffin’s Floral Designs, we’re your secret password to unlocking a treasure trove of speakeasy wedding florals and decor that will catapult your celebration into the stratosphere of style!