Honor Mothers At Your Wedding With Flowers

While planning a wedding definitely involves an emphasis on the bride and groom, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show honor and respect to special individuals in your lives that have helped both of you become the people you are. Honor your mother and new mother-in-law with gorgeous flowers at your wedding. This can be in the form of a pinnable corsage, a wrist corsage or even a simple nosegay that complements your bridal bouquet. Not only will your pictures just be delightful, this will also be a great way to show other wedding guests how honored you are to have your mothers present at your wedding. Talk to the floral designers at Columbus Weddings about our variety of wearable flowers and let us help you choose a beautiful corsage or bouquet for the moms at your wedding.

Mothers have never been more proud of their children than on their wedding day. Share your joy with her in big ways and small ones all day long when you present her with a beautiful corsage to match the bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers.

We know you want to show your mothers your gratitude and reflect how special they are. The tradition of honoring mothers with a beautiful corsage is one that will connect the multiple generations at your wedding and lend a sense of continuity to your celebration. Let the floral designers at Columbus Weddings help you make them feel special and revered at your wedding this season.

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