Wedding Flower Intel: The Ultimate Guide to Big Day Blooms

Jumping into the world of wedding planning can feel like a never-ending doom-scroll-a-thon, searching for those absolutely perfect decor ideas. Overwhelmed? We would be, too! Before you start pinning your dreams onto that digital vision board, there’s a bit of floral detective work to be done. Lucky for you, you’ve just found your Watson to your Sherlock in the realm of wedding blooms. 

Wedding flowers aren’t just pretty faces on your big day– they’re the unsung heroes that bring the magic. They’re there when you make your grand entrance, they stand out in the stunning setups where you’ll dine and dance, and they even add a special touch to the outfits of your nearest and dearest. Each petal and stem is a silent narrator of your unique love saga. Curious about where and how to weave your favorite flowers into your wedding festivities? You’re in the right spot! Here at Griffin’s Floral Designs, we’re spilling all the tea and sharing our treasure trove of flowery secrets — consider this your ultimate guide to mixing, matching, and marveling at the floral wonders for your wedding day.

Flowers Bring the Vibes

Fresh flowers bring your style to life. Whether you’re dreaming of a wedding that swings you into a roaring 1920s Speakeasy, whisks you away to the romantic French Countryside, or embraces your inner free spirit and Boho vibes, the colors, textures, shapes, and fragrances of brilliant blooms are your key. They set the scene, turn every corner into an expression of your personality, and reflect your individual style with unmatched grace.

wedding bouquet of roses in purple tones. Floristic composition in vintage style. The Provence.

Who Gets Flowers?

Spoiler: It’s a pretty long list. Your wedding squad, your parents, those special friends and relatives who’ve cheered you on your whole life, and don’t forget your four-legged ring bearer. They’re all getting a piece of the floral action!


Naturally, no bride should walk down the aisle without a stunning bouquet in hand! Beyond the classic bouquet, think about adding some floral flair to your hair or rocking a flower crown to channel your inner boho goddess. And if a bouquet toss is on your reception agenda, make sure to snag a second “toss” bouquet. You wouldn’t want to send your gorgeous bridal blooms flying, especially if you prefer keeping your bouquet intact to adorn your home as a beautiful keepsake.


A sharp boutonniere stands as the quintessential accessory for grooms, proving that the realm of floral fashion knows no gender bounds. Explore the diverse selection of wearable flowers for men, from trendy floral pocket squares to bold lapel designs, to find something that speaks to your suave style!

Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of your wedding party will often have miniature designs inspired by your bridal bouquet or groom boutonniere. By coordinating with your eye-catching floral design or offering a fresh complementary contrast, their flowers will stand out in striking harmony as they stand by your side. 

Flower Girls (of Course!)

Every flower girl looks forward to the moment they can playfully toss petals before the bride’s iconic walk down the aisle, paving the way for a memorable and sensational entrance. Adding fresh flowers to your flower girls’ hair, surprising them with petite floral crowns, or giving them small hand-held bouquets will make them feel like the leading ladies of the moment.

Ring Bearers 

And let’s not overlook the ring bearers! A small and stylish boutonniere can make even the youngest member of your wedding party feel like a vital part of the big day’s magic.

Mothers & Grandmothers

Shower your mothers and grandmothers with the recognition they so richly deserve on your big day. Pay homage to these inspiring ladies with elegant corsages or cute bouquets that weave them seamlessly into the wedding’s visual symphony. After all, where would you be without your family matriarchs?! 

Fathers & Grandfathers

Design extra special boutonnieres for the venerable men in your life — yes, that means the dads and granddads. It’s a modern yet timeless gesture to salute the family patriarchs, offering them special flowers of appreciation, respect, and love.

Special Recognitions

Your personal flower checklist could also feature a few VIPs who’ve been essential in your life or wedding journey, like godparents, an officiant who’s also a beloved friend or family member, and maybe your pet if they’re set for a starring role. To commemorate loved ones who are no longer with us but are there in spirit, a thoughtful floral arrangement placed on their seat will be a beautiful and meaningful honor.

Wedding Bouquet and Boutonniere on Chair

Where to Incorporate Flowers in Your Ceremony?

From the moment you make your grand entrance to those whispered vows of forever, flowers play the roles of backdrop, accent, and statement piece, weaving together an atmosphere that’s undeniably stunning. Consider including these flowers to bring your ceremony to life. 

Welcome Flowers

Make a fab first impression with floral displays that promise a day drenched in charm. Whether it’s chic adornments on a sign with your names or bold statement arrangements that frame the entrance, these flowers serve as the perfect prologue to the beauty and romance that await.

Aisle Markers

Turn your aisle into a runway of romance with flowers that are nestled around candles, adorning seats, or elegantly placed in vases. These blooms will beautifully add layers of love and lively hues as you take each step closer to forever.

Wedding Arch

The spotlight of your ceremony — be it an arch, pergola, arbor, or chuppah — will witness your magical “I do” moment, becoming the focal point of countless memories and photographs. This is your golden opportunity to work with your florist and design a vibrant, alluring, and stunning masterpiece that’ll be remembered long after your first kiss as newlyweds.

Unity Florals

Unity florals offer a sweet, symbolic way to represent the fusion of two lives and mark the start of your adventure as a married couple. You might choose a charming arrangement for the table, a meaningful gesture of presenting bouquets to your new in-laws, or even the inventive act of joining individual stems to form a single, unified bouquet.

pink floral wedding ceremony

Where to Display Flowers at Your Reception?

From each corner to every table and throughout all the memorable moments at your reception, fresh flowers add that special something — be it grand table centerpieces or the perfect backdrops for those social media snaps guests will adore. Certainly, we have our top picks for those must-have flower spots.


Just like those charming welcome blooms that first greeted your guests, the floral designs at your reception entrance serve as a warm hello. Whether you’re giving a second life to arrangements from the ceremony or crafting unique pieces for this moment, entrance flowers whisper the mood of your celebration right from the start, setting the vibe as guests step into your venue!

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

This table should be a focal point, and what better way to highlight it than with flowers? Opulent centerpieces and luxurious floral runners can transform these key tables into standout features of your reception. Consider having vases filled with water ready to elegantly showcase the brides’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets. And for those choosing a sweetheart table, think about reusing your ceremony arch or floral wall to create a breathtaking backdrop for the happy couple.

Guest Tables

Centerpieces are your canvas to express your unique style and breathe life into your wedding theme. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of tall arrangements, the charm of low, lush florals, or a curated mix of both, these pieces will undoubtedly catch the eyes and hearts of your guests, leading to lively dinner conversation.

Specialty Tables: Guest Book Tables, Memory Tables, Gift/Card Tables

Dot your venue with charming mini floral arrangements to highlight specialty tables like the guest book area, photo memories with your partner or loved ones, and the gift and card collection. Your goal is to let these areas shine and blend beautifully with your wedding’s overall look and feel.


Elevate your cake table not only with delectable desserts and vibrant flowers but also by dressing up your cake with botanicals that reflect your personal taste. Coordinate with your florist and cake baker to create a delicious masterpiece featuring blooms and greenery that either cascade elegantly, accent each tier artfully, or provide a simple yet sophisticated touch — a feast for the eyes, if you will.

Bars & Buffet Tables

And speaking of culinary delights, the addition of flowers to your bars and buffet tables — if space permits — can inject a layer of refinement. Display accenting arrangements to match your overarching theme, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy their favored beverages and tasty offerings.

Lounges & Rest Areas

Lounges and chill-out zones play a crucial role in the design of your wedding reception. Create cozy, welcoming areas using flowers to invite your guests to unwind and take a breather, all while setting the stage for their next twirl on the dance floor. Adding calming floral touches to restrooms can also enhance the tranquil ambiance as guests take a moment to freshen up.

Grand Exit

Gear up for your breathtaking finale by giving guests flower petals to toss or by setting up a breathtaking floral arch to run through as you make your way out of your reception—possibly towards a floral-adorned getaway car!

Round dinner tables with pink flowers stand on beautiful decorated backyard

Other Considerations

While your wedding day will likely be a floral fantasy, don’t forget about the moments that lead up to and follow your big day. From popping the big question to gathering for a post-wedding brunch, a flourish of flowers can add a dreamlike quality to every step of your journey together.


Craft the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable proposal with a stunning arrangement that embodies your unique love story. Whether it’s a trail of petals leading to the big moment, a lavish bouquet to express your affection, or a stylish boutonniere, countless blooming touches can make your romantic gesture truly blossom. 

Engagement Parties

Set the scene for your engagement celebration with bold, beautiful centerpieces that reflect all the love that’s in the air. These lively arrangements set the stage, spread the cheer, and ensure the party starts buzzing with happiness the moment your guests arrive.

Wedding Showers

Ensure the wedding shower is a vibrant celebration decked out with fresh floral arrangements that spill elegantly over tables and breathe love and excitement into every corner. And for something extra special, surprise the bride, moms, and bridesmaids with their own personal flowers to wear.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

No matter the celebration spot or theme, flowers fit perfectly into any bach party scene! Imagine them draped from the rafters in your Airbnb, commanding the spotlight as table centerpieces, or playfully floating in the pool. And for a bit of floral fun, add wearable designs like whimsical flower crowns or sleek and modern boutonnieres.


The rehearsal dinner often marks the start of your wedding weekend, making it the perfect time to welcome family and friends with fresh florals. Dress the tables with stunning flower arrangements to create an inviting atmosphere that previews the essence of your much-anticipated wedding day.

Post-Wedding Brunches

Carry over the love, magic, and beauty from the day before into your post-wedding brunch with brilliantly cheerful blooms, symbolizing the happiness and love that’s still very much alive. With everyone still floating on cloud nine, these flowers will add to the memories, making the amazing times last a bit longer.


Infuse your honeymoon with a blossoming romance by scattering petals over the bed or placing a big, beautiful bouquet in the room for your spouse. These small, thoughtful details are what turn the early days of wedded bliss into a series of dreamlike experiences, each loving moment a memory to cherish forever.

Vow Renewals

Surround yourselves with the timeless charm of your favorite wedding flowers as you celebrate your love all over again, creating an atmosphere that’s as deep and everlasting as your connection. It’s a stunning way to honor your adventure together, turning the day into something as unforgettable as your epic love story.

bridal tea party with colorful flowers

So, while you’re scrolling for inspiration, remember to design your wedding with blooms that enhance every cherished moment, turning photographs into vibrant narratives of love and joy. A day adorned with laughter, love, and showstopping florals will be treasured for a lifetime.