French Countryside Wedding Style Guide

Embrace the charm of a French Countryside wedding, a celebration that brings the scenic beauty of France to your special day. Imagine your venue transformed into a setting reminiscent of an age-old chateau, nestled amidst rolling vineyards. Delight in the exquisite tastes of Parisian cuisine, complementing the idyllic ambiance of a sunny afternoon. This is the essence of romance and rustic elegance, where every detail is carefully curated to reflect the enduring allure of French culture. At Griffin’s Floral Design, the wedding experts are here to transport you and your guests to the breathtaking countryside of France with fresh ideas and flowers that take your breath away.

Install Dramatic Floral Arches Overlooking the Vineyard

Floral arches are a stunning addition to any wedding, bringing a burst of color and dramatic beauty that echo the vibrant spirit of the French countryside. While creating a captivating centerpiece for the ceremony, they also offer a luxurious backdrop for photographs. Choose bohemian roses and pampas grasses, or select flowers and accents that emulate the sprawling lavender fields of France. Complete the look with cascading greenery, reminiscent of the lush grapevines found in French vineyards.

Close-up decoration with fresh flowers of venues. Wedding arch decorated with fresh flowers and hanging glass balls.

Coordinate Springtime Wedding Bouquets and Dresses

The bride’s gown, be it a traditional white or a unique color, provides the perfect canvas for coordinating springtime floral arrangements. Roses, hydrangeas, and peonies make for a sweet Parisian bouquet, while adding stock flowers, brunia berries, and greenery like eucalyptus, creates a full, luxurious display. Make a statement with vibrant hues like bright purples and pinks that reflect your personal style, enhance the beauty of the dress, and transport you to the French countryside.

Bright Pink and Blue Wedding Bouquet

Set Centerpieces on Outdoor Chateau Reception Tables

Celebrating in the great outdoors, basking in the warmth of the French sun, surrounded by stunning scenery, is simply a dreamy picture. Elevate this idyllic setting with opulent floral centerpieces. Set against pale blue table linens, arrangements of dahlias, roses, and graceful greenery like sword ferns create a heavenly tableau. Introduce flowers like blue thistle to infuse a sense of drama and a hint of the wild, meadow-like charm reminiscent of the sprawling fields of the French countryside.

Long dinner table with blue linens and pink flowers

Adorn Seating and Other Architectural Elements with Flowers

Elevate seating, doorways, tables, and planters with exquisite flower displays. Custom floral designs in these areas help the venue radiate an organic, rich, and luxuriant feel. Use this chance to integrate purple flowers, echoing the vast lavender fields that are a signature of the French countryside. Incorporating accents like lavender,  purple statice, or baby’s breath will lend additional texture and dimension, enriching the overall aesthetic.

Floristic composition in vintage style. The Provence.

Decorate Parisian Cakes and Desserts with Fresh Blooms

A French countryside-themed wedding is the perfect occasion to decorate cakes and sweet treats with fresh, fragrant flowers. Adding bicycle motifs to your cake is a charming reference to the region’s iconic means of transportation. You could also arrange lush peonies in the dessert area, selecting hues that complement the sweets. For added whimsy, display macarons in gentle pastel shades alongside bright, cheerful flowers.

Elegant wedding cake with bike and purple flowers

Connect with Griffin’s Floral Design to infuse your special day with the essence of a spring afternoon in France. With flower arrangements and decor that promise to bring the region’s allure and romance, you can enjoy the French countryside no matter where you are.