Which Bouquet Are You? Floral Inspo From Your Favorite Rom-Com

Everybody has a favorite rom-com they have seen thousands of times, from cult classics, including Bridesmaids, to new hits like Why Can’t My Life Be a Rom-Com, and even some quirky ones like So I Married an Axe Murderer. Each title is unique, speaks to a different personality, and can even hint at what your own wedding might look like. If you don’t plan on recreating the picture-perfect wedding scene from your favorite movie, being inspired by its style and even its soundtrack is an authentic and fun way to sprinkle in your own personality. At Griffin’s Floral Design, our wedding experts are predicting what your wedding bouquet will look like if you were the lead in your favorite rom-com.


One of the funniest cult classics, Bridesmaids, captures the essence of friendship in a beautiful, hilarious, colorful, and quirky way.  Whether you find inspiration in the chaotic Parisian-style bridal shower or those high-fashion lavender Fritz Bernaise dresses, you might walk down the aisle carrying a chic round wedding bouquet with pink and purple blooms.

Couple hugging on their wedding. Trendy color of the year 2022 in wedding. Bride holding bouquet and embracing groom in Very Peri suit.

27 Dresses

The various styles and personalities in the movie 27 Dresses can inspire you to lean into the trend of embracing the uniqueness of each of your bridesmaids. Of course, your wedding should highlight your own personal style, but assign every bridesmaid a particular color within a cohesive pallet for their dress and bouquet. Just like Katherine Heigl’s character had a stunning tapestry of hues at her wedding, this approach to bridal party bouquets creates a harmonious yet eclectic vibe. Naturally, we assume you’ll wrap up the celebrations by dancing on the bar to Bennie and the Jets. 

Line of bridesmaids in dresses of different colors holding colorful bouquets of flowers in the bright sun

Love Actually  

The epitome of love is felt during the holiday season in London or within one of the greatest holiday rom-coms that showcases touching stories of love and heartache. If watching Love Actually is one of your beloved holiday traditions, you probably view this festive season as the most romantic time of year — the best time for a wedding. Your big day will be filled with bliss, maybe a spontaneous performance of All You Need is Love, and stunning winter stems surrounded by seasonal accents like feathery greens and red berries.

Bridal bouquet. Winter wedding concept

Mamma Mia 

If belting out ABBA tunes for nearly two hours sounds like your kind of fun, channel your inner Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) from Mamma Mia. Whether exchanging vows on an astonishing Greek island or not, you may be drawn to a boho-style gown and complete the look with a floral crown and a freestyle bouquet brimming with white and cream blooms and lush greenery. During your wedding reception, let your spirit run free under the enchanting glow of twinkling lights.

Wedding bouquet with white peony and roses laying on the edge of a swimming pool. Tropical destination wedding. Bali, Indonesia.

Sex and the City: The Movie  

Whether you’re a Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, or Carrie, you’ll pull out all the stops for your wedding day. Take a page from Carrie Bradshaw’s style book and opt for stunning statement flowers, like elegant white roses and large peonies with a hint of blue feather details (IYKYK). If an intimate romantic city hall ceremony is in the cards, choose something sweet, yellow, and understated. As you stand there next to the love of your life, enveloped in the fresh fragrance of flowers, you won’t be able to help but wonder, is this breathtaking moment the beginning of forever?

Bride holds tender bouquet made of white flowers and pink feathers

The Princess Bride

Adored by adults and kids alike, The Princess Bride brings our most fanciful fairytale fantasies to life.  Since the movie takes place in the Renaissance era, imagine a wedding bouquet fit for a princess about to wed her chivalrous knight in shining armor- or a farm boy in a black mask. Choose a bouquet with pink flowers and rich, vibrant greenery crafted with different heights and textures to represent the most captivating chapters of your love story.

Very nice young woman holding big and beautiful colourful flower wedding bouquet

So I Married an Axe Murderer 

One 90s rom-com not to be forgotten is So I Married an Axe Murderer, starring Mike Meyers. Alongside classic humor, the film showcases beat poetry, mystery, suspense, and quite an intriguing cast of characters.  If There She Goes is still playing in your head on repeat, consider a wedding bouquet featuring calla lilies, which represent union and passion. Their sleek and dramatic look, paired with creative accents, captures the movie’s novel flair and originality.

Bouquet of white calla lilies

The Wedding Singer 

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are the ultimate rom-com dream team, and The Wedding Singer is where it all started. While the film is a treasure trove of retro 80s wedding inspiration, draw on the bright, electric hues to craft a bouquet that’s both vibrant and modern. Mix colorful peonies and roses with playful accents and verdant greenery to let your witty and fun-loving personality take center stage.

close up of wedding bouquet

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler’s relentless charm in 50 First Dates and his imaginative ways to win over Drew Marrymore’s character, Lucy, never fail to win over our hearts. While pineapples and waffles might not be on your wedding menu, you can still whisk your guests away to Hawaii with an array of fresh tropical blooms. An island-inspired bouquet filled with orchids, anthuriums, or plumeria, complemented by large, lush green leaves, will be unforgettable… even for Lucy.

Wedding Flowers on island beach


Whether musical or mysterious, quirky or elegant, turn your day into the greatest wedding scene of all time with the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design.