Creative and Unique Wearable Flowers for Men

Getting ready for a formal event as a man, whether a wedding, prom, homecoming, or gala, might leave you with limited options when it comes to wearable flower designs. Pinning fresh blooms to a tuxedo or suit jacket for formal events is a brilliant fashion choice deeply rooted in tradition– and while we love a boutonniere, there are so many more options to consider when putting together a masculine look. With new twists on timeless designs, it’s time to push the envelope and try out fresh floral fashion trends that incorporate more of your style and personality. To give you a hand, the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs are sharing the best types of wearable flowers that might be perfect for your next formal event.

groomsmen in a line wearing flower ties and boutonnieres

Wedding Florals

In addition to the grooms, it’s a nice gesture to gift groomsmen, parents, grandparents, ring bearers, and godparents wearable flowers during weddings. These floral designs are more than elegant accessories, they are also symbolic of the love, respect, and appreciation you have for these important men in your life. Honoring family members and close friends with fresh flowers is a significant and sweet way to tell them how much they truly mean to you.

suit of groom with bow tie and boutonniere

Prom Florals

Formal dances, such as proms and homecomings, often call for guys to wear florals, like boutonnieres, that coordinate with their date’s formal attire. Even if a man is going stag to a formal dance, they are still encouraged to showcase their personality and style through wearable flowers. Secretly, we prefer going stag to such events since it offers more freedom to design and wear unique and colorful florals that perfectly align with your taste.

Fresh Floral Bow Ties

Speaking of creativity, bow ties that are made from fresh flowers, greenery, or succulents is a rapidly growing trend that we cannot get enough of. While fashion designers often experiment with funky materials and textures, from velvet paisley and satin fabrics to floral prints and even wood, it’s unsurprising that fresh floral bow ties are becoming the next big thing. While these bow ties aren’t something you can buy in a department store, they are extremely customizable and allow you to incorporate berries and greenery for winter formals, succulents for rustic events, or tiny yet bold and colorful blooms for spring and summer soirees.

A man with a beard in a stylish suit with a watch on his arm fixes a bow tie. Morning of the groom. Close up detail of man suit for wedding

Blooming Pocket Squares

If you’re someone who enjoys coordinating your bow tie with your pocket square, we’ve got the perfect look lined up for you. Rather than a classic cloth pocket square, consider a small horizontal flower arrangement on the top of your jacket pocket. This little twist gives a fresh spin on both the traditional boutonniere and the pocket square, creating a subtle effect that is modern, unique, and artsy. You can go all the way with a matching floral bow tie and pocket square ensemble or ease into this trend by choosing a blooming pocket square to go with a simple solid-colored fabric bow tie.

Flower detail on the lapel of the groom's blue suit

Full Lapel Florals

Embrace the bold with this wearable floral design. Swap out a tiny boutonniere for a complete lapel covered in flowers for the ultimate statement piece. Rather than attaching a few little flowers or a small arrangement to the lapel, fastening a series of vibrant blossoms from the top of the lapel down to the first button of your suit jacket will create something truly stunning for any special occasion. This eye-catching wearable floral design will have people marveling and admiring all night long.

Bride and groom with a Leis on

Leis, Garlands, & Flower Crowns

Flower crowns and garlands are frequently seen as floral adornments for grooms opting for destination weddings, like Hawaii, or within cultures where flowers hold substantial meaning in religious rituals, such as Hinduism. In historical context, the ancient Greeks wore flower crowns and laurel leaf wreaths to pay tribute to the deities, marking a tradition that has transformed and diversified through many cultures over time. For instance, in Ukraine, it’s quite customary for newlywed couples to have flower wreaths placed upon their heads after exchanging their vows. Incorporating these floral elements in boho-style weddings is far from rare. Globally, flower crowns and garlands continue to represent values of love, honor, new beginnings, celebration, good luck, equality, and fertility.

Close-up of a wedding bouquet in the hands of a man. Wedding concept


Bouquets are by no means exclusive to women; men can carry a bouquet of their favorite blooms, too! Flowers such as white roses and protea in autumnal shades mixed with muted greenery can create a look that’s contemporary, bold, masculine, and refined, especially when arranged in a freeform style bouquet. If bright colors and striking petals align more with your taste and style, a round or compact bouquet might provide a cohesive and put-together look. Yet, the true beauty of a bouquet lies in its ability to reflect and celebrate your individual character and personality.

Boutonniere on the groom's jacket


Last but definitely not least, if you lean towards classic and evergreen styles, boutonnieres remain the go-to wearable floral option for men. These small flower arrangements, traditionally pinned to the left lapel of a suit jacket, offer a subtle yet refined touch to any formal wear, solidifying their status as the most prevalent masculine flower design. Whether the choice of stems matches wedding centerpieces, a bride’s bouquet, corresponds with your date’s corsages, or simply echoes your personality, there are so many ways for boutonnieres to articulate self-expression and style.

Before attending your next formal event, work with the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs to create your ideal wearable flower design.