Six Ways to Incorporate Fur Babies into Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Therefore, it should be spent and celebrated with some of the most important family and friends in your life, including your furry friends. Whether you are looking to invite your fur babies to your wedding ceremony or simply want to honor them as a significant and loving part of your life, your friends here at Columbus Weddings have the best ideas for including your pets on your big day.


Fluffy cat with wedding rings

Furry Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

The most important job at your wedding should go to the most important fur baby. To make the best ring bearer, dress up your pup or cat in a sharp-looking tuxedo or bowtie and fasten your wedding rings to their collar or accessories. For the perfect flower girl, introduce your pet to a floral crown or dress their leash with blooms, then see if they can carry a basket of petals down the aisle.


Small dog dressed near wedding ceremony arch

“Hire” an Enthusiastic Greeter

There is no better job for your fur baby at your wedding than greeting guests at the door. From the moment they walk in, your guests will surely be grinning from ear to ear as they stop to pet their furry friend.


Two dogs with black bow ties walking down wedding aisle

Have a Personal Escort

If you or your fiancé are in need of an escort down the aisle, your furry best friend is certainly up for the job. It is sure to be one of the sweetest moments of your wedding as your fury baby is the one to “give you away.” In addition, your pet can also be an escort for parents, grandparents, or anyone else walking down the aisle. If you are a bride planning to have your father walk you down the aisle, then why not let Fido or Chloe escort your mother?


Bridesmaids and little dog

Add to Your Bridal Party

Whether there is an odd number of friends in your bridal party, or you simply cannot say, “I do” without them by your side, your furry best friend will make the perfect addition to your bridal party. Pair them with your maid of honor or best man to walk down the aisle with and stand near during your ceremony. You can even give them the honor of being the “best fur-man” or “fur-maid of honor.”


Cat sitting under wedding gown near shoes and flowers

Get Ready Together

Invite your special girl or boy into the bridal suite with you to calm your nerves and celebrate as you get ready. Sharing the last moments as a bachelorette, or bachelor, with your furry best friend is something truly unique and meaningful that many people often overlook. Your four-legged friend might also need their own time to get dressed and ready for your ceremony, too.


Wedding themed cocktails

Name Signature Cocktails After Them

Creating your signature cocktails for your wedding reception is not complete without a meaningful name, typically named after you and your fiancé. However, when it comes to your wedding there are truly no rules. We love the idea of creating and naming signature cocktails after your fur babies. For example, a classic rum and coke can be called “The Fido” or you can create your favorite cocktail, like a malibu bay breeze, and call it “The Chloe.”

At the end of the day, celebrating your wedding should reflect your life, style, and the things you love most, even your fur-baby. If you are still searching for ideas for how to include your pet in your wedding or how to create the perfect look and feel for your big day, let the experts at Columbus Weddings know. We are always happy to assist you the best way we can.