Try Minimalist Flowers For Your Wedding

If you’re looking to depart from the wild and free flower trend for your wedding, turn your attention to the modern, Minimalist approach. Sleek, elegant and the essence of simplicity, bouquets and other floral decor in this style are a compelling option. The pared-down look is beautiful, and rather than compete with the event at hand, flowers done in this manner enhance it. Every arrangement seems intentional, and every flower seems chosen. Want to see what we mean? Take a peek.

Minimal? Sure. Smaller? No.

Just because you’re keeping your floral scheme minimal doesn’t mean you have to change the scale of your designs. Here big white flowers with arresting centers are the bloom of choice (and the only bloom), set off by one type of greenery. The ingredients may be spare but the look is not; when only two items are loosely arranged together, it gives off both a clean, minimal feel and a free one. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Loose, Thoughtfully-Chosen Buds

For an elegant, modern and yet fun look on your reception tables, use clear bud vases or unconventional vessels of varying heights and shapes to collect single stalks and blooms.

Epic Foliage, Succulents & Twine

Going all green (or close to it) is one way to achieve simplicity. Here, foliage, succulents and baby’s breath are gathered together and bound by twine. This is an earthy, organic look that still feels clean and light.

Baby’s Breath In A Jar, Done

brown wooden bench with gray flowersCeremony and reception decor can get the minimal treatment, too. Keep the focus on the event at hand (and the space you’ve chosen to have it in) by paring down your floral decor. The minimal touch can extend to containers and additional decor. Keep groupings to a minimum and focus on one or two colors or textures per arrangement only. Minimal floral decor lends a note of graceful restraint to your wedding, giving it a beautiful, reverent feel.