Flowers Inspired by Fireworks

There’s no better way to begin a New Year than with a wedding. The fresh start to a new life together is never more appropriate than on New Year’s Eve. To complement your timing and keep the New Year’s theme throughout your wedding decor, Columbus Wedding Flowers has some suggestions for your New Year’s Eve Wedding Flowers:

Choose a shape that dazzles. Let the flowers you and your bridesmaids carry explode in every direction, much like the evening’s fireworks display will do at midnight. Choose a design that can stand alone or mix beautiful blooms that seemingly burst out of your hands.

Choose bright, showy color. While the rest of your wedding might be designed with the classic black-and-gold New Year’s look, let your flowers be the colorful accent that draws attention from guests all around. Bright reds, oranges, purples or blues will pop against a more muted palette, mimicking the colorful array of New Year’s Even fireworks.

Choose rich, festive texture. Let your floral centerpieces and bouquets be full of multiple textures, emulating the celebratory feel of fireworks and sparklers. The evening- and the future- has never looked so bright!

The floral designers at Columbus Wedding Flowers are eager to make your New Year’s Even wedding sparkle. Talk to us about your plans and ideas and we will help you make them a night to remember.