How to Host a Flower Bar at Your Event

Here at Columbus Weddings, one of our favorite floral trends for weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and many other events, is having a flower bar for your guests to enjoy. Hit two birds with one stone as you overflow your venue with beautiful fresh scented blooms and let your guests create and design their own “flower favors” to take home with them. They are sure to love their time mingling about, getting out of their seats, and interacting with each other at the bar. The memory of your event will last even longer than their unique bouquets, wreaths, crowns, or other fun creation.


Girls making floral crowns at flower bar

Types of Flower Bars

As there are various types of floral bouquets and arrangements, there are also different kinds of flower bars. Some brides enjoy hosting a flower bar at their bachelorette party so they and their bridesmaids can create lovely bouquets for their wedding rehearsal. Other hosts enjoy letting their guests choose what kind of creation they like best, whether it be a fun flower crown to wear, a wreath to hang at home, or a traditional arrangement to display on their coffee table. If your party or event has a certain theme, you can even have a flower bar to match. This means selecting certain color blooms and specific vases or vessels for your guests to work with that reflect your style.


Peach and green flowers for flower bar

Choosing the Fun Stuff

From table setup and tools to flowers and vases, we have broken down the list of things you need to let your guests’ creativity fly. Starting with flowers, choose your favorite styles and perhaps a cohesive color palette to make pairing and matching easy. Don’t forget the filler blooms and greenery. Depending on your type of flower bar, you will also need a variety of different vases and maybe even baskets, wreaths, and wire circles.


Florist tools and scissors for flower bar

Essentials You Need

Ensure you have the proper floristry tools like scissors, wire cutters, green wire, floral tape, and a waste bin. Have fun gathering ribbon, gems, and other accessories to add the finishing touches. Other important items are water, buckets, and plant food to ensure your flowers stay fresh and beautiful. Finally, set up an award-winning display for your flower bar with a big table, crates, stands, or risers, labels for each type of flower, signs to direct your guests, table linens, and example flower arrangements for inspiration.


Female florist at flower bar

How About a “Bartender?”

If you and your guests don’t consider yourselves to be the crafty or creative types, you can hire a flower bartender to lend their expertise. Your “bartender” will be a professional florist on-site to help you pair the perfect blooms and arrange or secure your favorite flowers in the best way. In this case, you can think of your flower bar as a mini floral class or an “art and wine” type of event.

Unlike a traditional bar with cocktails and prosecco, a flower bar can be a fun installment for all ages and walks of life. The experts at Columbus Weddings know that this beautiful and breathtaking display is the perfect way to fill your space with blooms while also offering an enjoyable “make and take” for guests. They are sure to remember your celebration each time they admire their design at home.