Battle of the Boho Trends: Finding Your Perfect Boho Wedding Style

Boho-styled weddings are inspired by the allure of nature, creativity, self-expression, and freedom. “Boho,” short for “Bohemian,” has its roots in the Romani people, thought to originate from the Kingdom of Bohemia. While the boho look initially adopted elements of the Central European Romani with nomadic and anti-bourgeois elements, it has since evolved. Today, the word “bohemian” is widely used to describe the vibrant, spirited, and diverse styles of the 1960s and 1970s. The term “boho” or “bohemian” frequently connects to an unconventional, artistic lifestyle and look that gained popularity among artists, intellectuals, and writers who chose to defy societal conventions.

Boho style is easily identifiable, from fashion to home decor and wedding flowers, due to its fusion of colors, patterns, and textures. This aesthetic draws inspiration from diverse cultures worldwide and offers a laid-back, free-spirited vibe. Boho fashion features staples like maxi dresses, wide-brim hats, fringe accents, and an abundance of layered jewelry. Boho home decor often includes vintage furniture, layered rugs, floor cushions and poufs, a variety of green plants, and earth-toned pottery.

While each boho wedding carries its unique, personal charm, there are common decor elements that define this popular style, including macrame, lace, oversized flowing sleeves, floral accessories like flower crowns, vintage lounge seating, and an assortment of textures and patterns. Floral bouquets, centerpieces, accent arrangements, and natural wedding decor are also significant players in this aesthetic. At Griffin’s Floral Design, we thoroughly enjoy designing all types of boho weddings, from striking color schemes to neutral palettes and rustic aesthetics to luxurious decor. As you read below, discover which vibe best aligns with your individual style and the perfect flowers to bring your boho wedding to life.

wedding ceremony area in boho style with dried flowers. outdoor wedding

The Perfect Boho Blooms

Flowers play a critical role in any wedding, but they truly shine in the spotlight of boho-themed weddings. Their wild or untamed look, by way of free-flowing bespoke arrangements, seamlessly encapsulates the essence of “boho.” The best flowers to achieve this boho look include stems such as wildflowers, pampas grass, protea, roses, and peonies, each contributing their distinctive charm to the overarching theme.

Rustik bridal bouquet in the bride hands

Fresh Stems for Neutral and Natural Boho

A neutral or natural boho theme is painted in light, airy, earthy tones such as peach, ivory, and white. These colors come alive with the help of flowers and foliage like eucalyptus, soft pink roses and spray roses, white orchids, pampas grasses, and foxtail grass. Sometimes, a whisper of dusty blue or faint purple adds depth to this soft, romantic boho aesthetic.

Beautiful flower composition with autumn orange and red flowers and berries. Autumn bouquet in vintage vase on a wooden table with pink tissue and candles

Blooms for a Bold Chic Boho Style

On the flip side, a daring yet chic boho wedding style is all about color and vibrancy. Jewel-toned hues such as ruby red, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple marry beautifully with dahlias, garden roses, blue thistle, pink or red protea, dianthus, and chrysanthemums. Couple these bold colors with shades of brown and tan from pampas grass and feathers, mix in some velvet fabrics and other rich textures, and you are set for a stunning boho autumn wedding.

Classic hippie wedding flowers

Classic Flowers for Hippie Boho

Should your heart resonate with the vintage spirit of the ‘60s and ‘70s, you might find yourself drawn to the classic hippie boho look, complete with lace and macrame. Envision sweet boho blooms like daisies, baby’s breath, roses, sunflowers, alstroemeria, craspedia billy balls, wax flowers, white Veronica, lavender, and wildflowers, which create that touch of the quintessential hippie flair. This type of vintage boho wedding is simply dreamy in an open-air setting amidst a forest or by the tranquil waters of a lake.

Detail of a wedding arch in Boho style decorated with macrame and fresh flowers near the ocean for a ceremony. Concept of a tropical wedding.

Tropical Flowers for Beach Boho

Whether in shades of soft pink and white or in vivacious red and green, anthuriums and orchids lend this boho style its breezy, tropical feel. Harmonizing delicate pink and white hues with dusty blue accents, driftwood, and light, bright tan or whitewashed wood infuses your wedding with a genuine coastal look and feel. For a more tropical and lively island boho vibe, blend bright, vibrant floral colors like red, fuchsia, and orange with shiny green monstera leaves, pampas grass, and macrame.

Boho Wedding Style with Orange boho flowers and gold wedding cake, fall wedding style with macrame touch. Gorgeous wedding decor and table set up. Flat Lay stationary. Grand Cake Stand

Boho Blooms for Southwest Style

Among the most popular and trending boho wedding styles is the southwest boho, boasting rustic, cowboy, and woodland touches. Key flowers and elements for wedding bouquets include blue thistle, pampas grass, protea, dahlias, roses, succulents, lotus pods, curly willow tips, olive branches, and other desert blooms. Melding these botanicals with a wealth of textures such as cactus, wooden elements, rock structures, dried accents, and twine adds dimension to any southwest style while subdued, earthy hues, terracotta in particular, lend this boho theme its distinctive character.

Woman holding in hands big wedding bouquet in Boho style. Dried flowers, white roses and orchids, bird feathers in decor. Floristic concept.

Luxurious Florals for L.A. Boho

Boho weddings that lean towards elegance, adorned with white flowers and greenery, manage to retain a polished yet whimsical aesthetic, perfectly capturing the spirit of Los Angeles. Luxurious and exquisite blooms like white protea, orchids, roses, anemones, waxflower, and myrtle, mingled with elements such as eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, feathers, white veronica, and white pampas grass, give rise to truly stunning arrangements. The interweaving of these blossoms with a fluid, dynamic presentation creates supreme luxe boho wedding bouquets and floral designs.

Whether your heart is set on a gentle, natural boho wedding or you’re drawn towards a bold, rustic style, the wedding experts at Griffin’s Floral Design are ready to bring your beloved bohemian aesthetic to life. Revel in the celebration of love, freedom, and artistic expression with floral arrangements that reflect your unique individuality.

Which flowers match your boho wedding style?