Tropical Wedding Flowers That Transport You to Paradise

Tropical weddings are dreamy, lush, vibrant, serene, and, of course, totally romantic. Whether you’re jetting off to paradise with your future husband or wife or planning to bring the tropics to your local wedding venue, the expert florists here at Griffin’s Floral Designs are sharing the best styles and stems to create the ultimate island-inspired wedding atmosphere. From choosing the perfect tropical flowers and color palette to deciding between Hawaiin and Caribean or simple and art deco, we are here to help you create the most luxurious tropical wedding with showstopping flowers. 

Arrangement with a variety of colors and tropical flowers

Tropical Flowers to Include in Wedding Arrangements

The perfect flowers to create a tropical wedding vibe are exotic blooms like birds of paradise, anthurium, hibiscus, protea, and of course, orchids. With their vivid hues, unexpected shapes, and unique styles, these flowers will offer a bold visual impact that will transport you to a tropical island paradise, no matter where your wedding is. Picture exchanging wedding vows under an arch adorned with tropical red flowers and bright green palm leaves, carrying a bouquet of cascading textures, shapes, and colors that perfectly complement each other, or dinging among striking stems on your sweetheart table for a magnificent and romantic focal point for your reception. 

Hawaiian wedding lei

Serene Elegance on the Beach for Hawaii-Style Weddings

Infusing Hawaiian style into your wedding day should emulate the sense of peace, grace, and balance that you feel when visiting the islands. While connecting with Mother Nature, from the volcanoes and mountains to the ocean and sand underneath your feet, tropical wedding flowers like plumeria and orchids will convey tranquility, elegance, and beauty. While you walk down the aisle and celebrate through the evening, drape leis around your neck and shoulders and wear a lovely Haku lei on your head as a nod to the Hawaiian tradition. 

Beautiful flora Caribbean wedding decoration idea

Color Palettes with Tropical Enegery and Festive Caribbean Vibes

A fun, radiant, and festive island-inspired wedding borrows its energetic ambiance from the heart of the Caribbean. Utilizing a wedding color palette that dances with an array of tropical hues, such as reds, oranges, and greens, include wedding blooms such as heliconia and birds of paradise paired with monstera leaves. Since these magnificent tropicals are naturally alluring and inherently tall, arranging them in bouquets, centerpieces, and ornate ceremony arches will add a whimsically asymmetrical look to your wedding that’s as romantic as it is lively.

Simple and modern indoor island wedding with blue and white flowers

Simple and Modern Indoor Island Weddings

Planning an indoor wedding versus an outdoor beach wedding allows you to rely on your wedding flowers to create whatever tropical ambiance and aesthetic speaks to you. If you lean towards modern, sleek, and simple styles, select one or two primary flowers, such as exotic birds of paradise or lovely blue orchids, to include in bouquets, centerpieces, and hanging garlands. Add fresh eucalyptus or other tropical greenery to bring your island-inspired wedding to life. 

Art deco tropical wedding style

Tropical Art Deco Aesthetics

Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor setting, incorporating art deco elements can inject a vibrant spirit and revitalizing ambiance into your tropical wedding theme. From radiant sunburst designs to angular terrariums and golden fixtures, these elements pair flawlessly with a lush tropical color scheme. Exotic emerald green palm leaves and tropical flowers with coral, fuchsia, sunny yellow, fiery orange, and even deep blue hues make a striking contrast against gold accents while encapsulating the vivid energy of 80s pop and Miami aesthetics.

A wooden raft with a bouquet of dried flowers and candles floats in a pool of blue water. Wedding decorations.

Floating Florals for Small Poolside Events

Small events leading up to your wedding, such as showers, bach bashes, and rehearsal dinners, can be held poolside for a sophisticated and stylish tropical soiree. Emulate island elegance around your venue with centerpieces, decor, and even floating arrangements that glide with grace in the pool. Glossy red heart-shaped anthuriums and ideal for festive events with dancing, or create a simple and lovely aesthetic for dinner with neutral tones or white and blue tropical blooms. 

Infusing your wedding day the with tranquil spirit of Hawaii or the vibrant rhythm of the Caribbean opens the door to an unforgettable day in paradise. With your favorite tropical flowers in tow, the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs are ready to transform your wedding into the most romantic island you could dream of. 

Tropical Flowers add dimension and style to weddings