How to Elevate Your Business Open House with Powerful Flower Designs

Organizing a business open house allows you to connect with clients, colleagues, and local community members in a fun and fresh way. When deciding on food, drinks, décor, and flowers, you certainly might be looking for innovative ways to emphasize your brand’s identity, and eye-catching floral designs are the perfect tool. At Griffin’s Floral Design, our professional and forward-thinking team is ready to help you turn your open house into a beautiful and memorable experience. By incorporating your brand colors, slogans, logos, and other elements, guests will admire the artistry of each bloom while gaining a deeper understanding of your business, mission, values, and company culture. Since unique arrangements often serve as conversation starters while creating an inviting atmosphere, guests will be encouraged to interact freely with each other and your team, making your open house not just an event but a fruitful networking opportunity.

White flowers on conference table

Stimulate Interaction With Comment-Worthy Centerpieces

If your business open house has a laid-back vibe with a cocktail hour, where guests can move around, enjoy a drink, and snack on some appetizers, then you definitely need some tables. Sure, a nice tablecloth can help the tables around your office look their best, but why not add a bit more flair with small floral arrangements? These subtle yet stylish flower designs can kick-start conversations without blocking anyone’s view. Select stand-out flowers like peonies, which symbolize good fortune and prosperity.

Tall floral arrangement with greenery and protea

Add Drama To Your Business Open House With Tall And Colorful Floral Arrangements

After you’ve nailed down your centerpieces, it’s time to think about enhancing the rest of your space with strategic floral arrangements. Consider using tall, vibrant arrangements that harmonize with your brand colors and add depth to your setup. These towering flower designs will inspire guests and bring an elevated sense of drama and sophistication to your business open house. Opt for flowers like delphiniums and gladioli that naturally stand tall, and pair them with contrasting greenery. Not only does greenery provide balance and harmony, but it’s associated with luck and prosperity – a powerful message for a successful business event.

Green orchids

Create An Air Of Interest With Stunning Doorway Accents

The first thing guests see when they arrive at any business open house is the entryway. Design a welcoming and inviting atmosphere around your doorway or at the front of your store or office with fresh flowers that set the right tone for your event. Whether you go for traditional floral displays or custom designs that enhance the existing architecture, consider incorporating green orchids. Bursting with tropical charm and elegance, these orchids symbolize career success and abundance and make for a memorable first impression.

Floral garland made of roses handing above doorway

Boost Your Business Brand With Bountiful Flower Garlands

Marking a work achievement during a business open house could call for a festive touch to your floral decor, like lush garlands. While adding an air of celebration, you can still maintain a professional feel if you select the right type of flowers. For instance, roses are widely loved, beautifully aromatic, incredibly adaptable, and available in a spectrum of hues to align with your brand. Specifically, orange roses, which represent success, enthusiasm, and creativity, might be an excellent choice to enhance the professional yet celebratory vibe of your business event.

Flower wreath with initials in the center

Accent Your Business Open House With Sophisticated Floral Wreaths 

Another innovative way to weave your branding into floral designs is by adorning doors and walls with floral wreaths. While this design trend is often seen during the holiday season, selecting brand-aligning blooms will make these wreaths suitable for any season. Additionally, showcasing your logo, tagline, or company initials at the heart of the wreath is sure to boost brand recognition. If you’re searching for the perfect flower for your wreath, consider the lucky chrysanthemum.

Green plants in large corporate offices, good environment and improved work efficiency

Create A Buzz On Social Media With Elegant Flower Walls

The ultimate talking point and popular floral feature for any event, including a business open house, is an Instagrammable flower wall. Designating a special wall in your store or office to be adorned with gorgeous flowers like dramatic amaryllis and lively greenery creates a photo-worthy backdrop that’s fun, refreshing, and brilliant. As your team and guests enjoy the event, they will have the perfect spot to snap photos. Invite guests to share their pictures on social media and tag your business, adding an extra layer of visibility to your brand.

Soccer ball made of flowers

Add Extra Flair To Your Business Open House With Customized Flower Sculptures 

The final method to integrate your brand into floral displays is guaranteed to turn heads. A creative and inventive flower sculpture that reflects your business, mission, values, services, or products offers a remarkable reflection of your company. While carnations are traditionally favored for such blossoming masterpieces, consider using unique variants like antique carnations to truly elevate your brand and take your business event to new heights.

While preparing to host your next business open house, consider the amazing impact that fresh flower designs will have on your event and your brand. Collaborate with the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design and set yourself up for success.