Freshen Your Wedding Day With Plants

Using potted plants or other greenery in your wedding decor is an excellent way to design a beautiful wedding. For example, fresh foliage can give your wedding a natural, earthy look that emulates a dewy garden or rustic meadow. Also, the texture and color from plants will add rich beauty to the landscape of your big day. And, unlike cut floral arrangements, potted plants can be kept and used to help you start your first home together. The designers at Columbus Weddings have some great ideas about how to incorporate fresh greenery in your wedding decor.

Potted Plants or Trees Along Aisles Replace traditional ribbons, flowers, or candles with small potted trees or plants along your path down the aisle. 

Vines On A Trellis or Frame Whether you stand in front of a vine-covered trellis or include frames with small vines as your table centerpieces, the winding quality of vines will create a romantic garden effect that can only be seen as fresh.

Succulents As Favors Give guests beautiful succulents as a “thank you” for helping you begin your new life together! Keep pots the same size and color, but vary the types of plants in each for a simple, unique vibe.

Herbs/Cacti As Centerpieces Fresh herbs with a light scent, like lavender, for example, will give your table a beautiful look. Likewise, a crisp gathering of cacti will lend themselves to a rugged, rustic look.

Hanging Plants Give your guests the delightful experience of joining you under a garden of hanging plants. This enchanting design will create a multi-dimensional effect full of magic and wonder.

Fresh greenery throughout your wedding decor is not only inexpensive and beautiful, it can also be very eco-friendly while giving your wedding day a modern, contemporary look. Talk to the experts at Columbus Weddings to learn more ways you can include lovely plants and greenery in your special day.