3 Trendy Floral Add-Ons You Need To See

This season we are noticing a fancy new trend in wedding decor: floral add-ons are the newest thing. You will create a unique and fresh look at your wedding when you include one or more of these trends in your wedding bouquet centerpieces and other floral designs at your event this year. The floral designers at Columbus Weddings would love to tell you more about these three trends that we are noticing in weddings this season.


Include lush, billowy pampas in your wedding decor for a texture that’s as rich as it is luxurious. The thick feathery designs will engage your guests in every detail of your decor and showcase your abundance of style.


As though you’ve just stepped out of the forest on a spring morning, small stems of green ferns will freshen every aspect of your wedding decor. Include these bright gems in your bridal bouquet or as accents to table decor.


A more fanciful, romantic aura has never been seen as when you include lunaria in the visual landscape of your wedding. Wear as head pieces, add to floral arrangements or simply decorate your dinner tables with this airy but elegant display.

Let the floral designers at Columbus Weddings help you choose the perfect add-on for your floral decor in your wedding this year. Present a trendy elegant twist to the typical bridal bouquet with one of these creative designs. Your wedding day has never looked better!