Springtime Wedding Blooms

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding! If you’re planning yours during this season, be excited about all of the available floral options. Since this is a time for celebrating new life, rebirth and fresh beginnings, it’s only appropriate to also start your life together during this time. The essence of spring is reflected in a multitude of beautiful lightweight pastel florals as well as the freshest textures that will give your wedding a sweet look. Here are three springtime wedding blooms that the designers at Columbus Weddings are especially excited about this year.


These exquisite flowers are known for their quality and sophistication. Include these nearly perfect blooms in a pastel color scheme, or choose the darker varieties for a more dramatic look.


A wedding favorite, brides have been choosing peonies for centuries, and it’s clear why. The delicate petals and soft colors bring a tender sweetness to any wedding design.

Sweet Pea

Bring texture and a pop of bright color to your wedding bouquet and centerpieces with this purple, climbing flower. Sweet pea makes a great accent to pastel designs, or can be featured as the main flower in a blue/violet palette.

The floral forecast for spring weddings is bright and there are plenty of available options. Choose blooms that will give your wedding a timeless, classic look and reflect the beauty of your fresh start together. The wedding designers at Columbus Weddings will be happy to show you our selection of springtime florals just perfect for your spring wedding.