This Year’s Guide to Table Arrangement Shapes

Wedding engagements are such an exciting season, full of hopefulness for the future and plans for a spectacular wedding day to mark the advent of your new life together. Sometimes, however, the wedding planning can become a bit much to sort through. So the floral experts at Columbus Weddings are here to help you with ideas you can use when discussing your floral particulars with your florist. With this year’s guide to table arrangement shapes, you can rest assured that your centerpieces will be on point when your wedding day arrives.

Fishbowl Centerpieces

Keep table arrangements low and compact with a cluster of blooms in a glass fishbowl design. Add the beauty of your wedding flowers to your reception without overwhelming the table with this unobtrusive design.

Garden Designs

Bring an eclectic mix of wildflowers into your reception with garden designs. Non-uniform clusters of rustic blooms will give your wedding a light, natural feel.

Pedastal Vessels

Choose this display for a more formal, dramatic look as flowers are arranged in a trophy-shaped vessel that typically features flowers or tendrils of foliage cascading over the sides.

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your unique personality and story. Let the information we’ve provided, along with the expert design team at Columbus Weddings, guide you to the perfect display for your wedding tables this season.  We’re happy to answer questions, give advice, or work with you on a custom design of your own imagination.

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