9 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Ready to Select Wedding Flowers

Of course, you want your wedding to be perfect. We do too! A big part of pulling off a beautiful day is getting the floral arrangements, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral accents just right. Whether you’re not sure which flowers are best for your wedding or what you need to complete your wedding flowers, our florists are here to help. Whatever flowers you end up choosing, be sure to avoid these pitfalls when choosing flowers for your wedding. 

1. Falling in Love with Out-of-Season Flowers

If there’s an out-of-season flower you simply must have, we can make it work, but we highly recommend choosing in-season flowers for your wedding. The biggest benefit of picking in-season blooms is the cost savings. (Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra cash on your honeymoon?) In-season flowers also tend to be healthier and prettier than those grown out-of-season. The whole year offers a bounty of diverse, colorful blooms. If your favorite flowers are out-of-season, our florists can help you find alternatives to match your wedding flower look.  

2. Having an Overly Specific Color Scheme

We recommend being somewhat flexible when it comes to your color scheme and floral arrangements. Flowers look best when they feature a variety of complementary colors. It’s usually best not to try to match flowers exactly to your bridal party’s outfits. Flowers naturally bloom in slightly different tints and shades, making it tough to get an exact match. They’ll also appear most attractive in photos with a variety of complementary colors. 

3. Neglecting Noses and Allergies

You don’t want to spoil the big day with a runny nose or daffodil-induced rash. It’s often best to choose less fragrant flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. If your wedding venue’s indoors and on the more intimate side, our florists can recommend a variety of flowers that won’t overwhelm the space with their fragrance and pollen. 

4. Planning without a Budget

If you don’t know how much you can afford to spend on flowers, it’s difficult to prioritize certain floral decorations over others. With a well-planned budget, your florist will be able to help you choose the best flowers for the arrangements you need. On average, couples tend to spend about 10% of their total wedding budget on flowers. 

5. Forgetting about Flower Meanings

Flowers are pretty much a language of their own. When choosing flowers for your wedding, don’t forget about their symbolic meanings. Hyacinth, which represents sorrow, for example, wouldn’t be an appropriate choice for celebrating your nuptials. Instead, we recommend lovely blooms like freesia, which represents innocence and trust, or aster, which stands for patience and love. Check out our floral dictionary for more inspiration!

6. Being Afraid of Creativity

Once you’ve covered the basics, don’t be afraid to do more decorating with flowers. They’re a great way to create a magical, elegant atmosphere and can be used for more than centerpieces and bouquets. Drape floral garlands above the dance floor or ask for a special floral accent for your getaway car. 

7. Ignoring Your Florist’s Advice

We’re florists; it’s our job to know the ins and outs of flowers. During your consultation, try to be open to your florist’s suggestions. We might recommend a particular type of flower because it’ll endure the summer heat or winter’s chill, staying fresh all day long. We might want to save you a pretty penny by suggesting an alternative bloom. We want you to have the best experience on your wedding day, including the enjoyment you get from your wedding floral arrangements. Our expertise can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, so please be open to our advice. 

8. Not planning Ahead

Flowers are shipped in from all over the world. To make sure there’s enough time to order in all the flowers you need for your wedding, be sure to start the process at least six weeks before you’re scheduled to walk down the aisle. 

9. Scheduling a Consultation without Preparing

To make the most of your florist consultation, be sure you’re well-prepared. You should arrive with a few ideas about how you’d like your wedding flowers to look. Research and save photographs of designs you like with an eye on style, size, shape, and color. It’s also smart to consider your venues for both the ceremony and reception and the special people who’ll be in attendance. Make a list of the floral accents and decor you’ll need to make sure you don’t forget anyone or anything. 

Follow the above tips to make sure your wedding flowers are absolutely perfect for your wedding!

Unique Bridal Bouquet

Colorful Fall Bouquet

For more information and inspiration about selecting and ordering your wedding flowers, we welcome you to contact Griffin’s Floral Design in Columbus. Our expert florists can help you select the perfect flowers or wedding flower package for your special day.