The Best Types of Wedding Reception Flowers

Big, tall, short, or small, it’s tough to make a bad choice when it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding reception. Floral arrangements help you complete the ambiance of your wedding celebration. They’ll add warmth, excitement, and life to your reception space. At Griffin’s Floral Design, we love all flowers, but our expert florists can help you make sure you choose the best floral arrangements to adorn your Columbus, OH wedding reception.

5 Types of Flowers to Have in Your Wedding Receptions

1. Seasonal Blooms

Our top recommendation for flowers for your wedding reception are seasonal blooms. These flowers will be available in abundance when you need them for your wedding. This means you’ll save money and you won’t have to worry about potential shortages. We recommend choosing flowers that are in-season for your wedding reception arrangements mainly because you’ll need lots of them. You’ll save money and you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite colors or style. If you have a favorite flower that’s won’t be in season at the time of your wedding, you can request it specially for your bridal bouquet.

2. Succulents

When you think about flowers, succulents probably aren’t the first plants that spring to mind, but they’re an incredibly popular choice for wedding reception arrangements. Muted hues like sage green, slate blue, and dusty rose have become quite popular in wedding decor. The particular muted tones worn by succulent plants suit these colors perfectly. Wedding reception floral arrangements featuring succulents often surprise and impress guests with their unexpected, yet delightful appearance. They can be incorporated in bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and garlands.

3. Tropical Foliage and Blooms

Whether your wedding takes place on a tropical beach, a mountain top, in a church, or in the middle of a forest, tropical plants are a popular choice. Lush, verdant, tropical foliage can create stunning arrangements, using the leaves alone. Add in a few orchids, lilies, ginger, and jasmine for the divine aroma and you’ll have real show-stopping centerpieces. These glamorous designs can be configured into shorter arrangements, that’ll function well on round guest tables, or tall, fluted-vase arrangements to adorn other areas of your reception. With their bright, saturated colors and interesting shapes, tropical flowers perfectly achieve a highly glamorous wedding reception style.

4. Romantically Lit Flowers

Your reception will blush elegant adorned with candlelit flowers or floral lanterns for centerpieces. Achieving the right lighting is essential for ambiance and your guests’ experience. An evening reception featuring warmly glowing petals and greenery will set the exact right intimate mood to celebrate your lifelong romance and make your wedding reception feel truly unforgettable.

5. Floral Garlands

No longer reserved just for the holiday season, garlands are the latest trend (that we hope sticks around) in wedding reception flowers. Highly versatile, garlands feature a combination of greenery and flowers. They can be embellished with anything trinkets or decorations you like. Many couples choose seashells, gems, twinkling lights, candles, ribbons, twine, and even succulents. We especially recommend floral garlands for decorating and denoting the wedding party’s table, but they can be used almost anywhere at your reception. Set them up along the cake or gift tables or create romance by draping them around an outdoor gazebo.

Unique Design Arranged to Your Taste

When working with a wedding client, we’ll take into account your personal style, wedding theme, floral preferences, and your budget to help you select a wedding reception floral package that meets all your needs. You and your loved ones will enjoy celebrating your nuptials surrounded by lovely floral accents arranged by Griffin’s Floral Design especially for you.

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