Fall’s Best Flowers for Your Autumn Wedding

Fall Flowers to Use in Your Wedding

Fall is a great time to have a wedding. Besides the cooler temperature, crisp autumn air, and breathtaking backdrops the seasonal foliage provides, the flowers of fall flowers create a gorgeous palette of colors, textures, and shapes.

Adding elegance, dramatic beauty, and rich romance, fall flowers provide a wide array of colors to please any bride’s design ideas. Griffin’s Floral Design is Columbus’s premier flower and wedding shop. Our wedding professionals provide specialized attention to your floral needs, and we work with you closely to create a stunning wedding experience you’ll never forget. Designing for fall weddings is our specialty and we love the rich, bold flowers of the fall season for creating truly exceptional designs. 

Here are some of the popular fall flowers our designers like to use:  

Antique Hydrangea

Red Dahlias

Mini Calla Lilies

Antique Hydrangeas: Changing colors over the course of several months when the weather gets cooler, hydrangeas metamorphosize from muted greens and blues to rich reds and shimmering purples. With large, full blooms, they make great additions to bouquets or can stand alone as a centerpiece.

Dahlias: A flower rich in petal density creating great texture, it also comes in deep, bright autumn tones. The dahlia’s intricate, large bloom makes it a statement flower that will draw attention wherever it is placed.

Mini Callas: These small, trumpet-shaped flowers bring an elegant and sophisticated look to bouquets and flower arrangements. With rich colors of orange, red, and purple, mini calla lilies exemplify magnificent beauty.



Yellow Pom Pom Mum

Ranunculus: With numerous, closely formed petals and rich colors of deep red and orange, these striking blooms add depth and texture to floral arrangements. Also known as Buttercup flowers, they are exceptional for having a distinct glossy feature alongside a matte-yellow coloration. 

Anemones: A statement flower, anemones are a great addition to any wedding feature to bring a bit of pizazz and intrigue. The dark, black center of these blooms add depth and mystery. Available in rich reds, burgundys, blues, and purples, anemones are essential if you’re going for that wildflower look. 

Chrysanthemums: Symbolizing fidelity, love, and long life, mums are affordable, long-lasting and come in a wide variety of interesting shapes and vibrant colors. Mums are the perfect flower for any wedding theme. 

Garden Roses

Hypericum Berries


Garden Roses: A wedding classic, garden roses are the essential romance flower with soft, velvety petals, vibrant colors of all shades, and gorgeous fragrance.  

Hypericum berries: Perfect accents for fall arrangements, these berries come in red, brown, and burgundy to enhance the fall theme. They are charming and fun and also add great texture to arrangments. 

Sedum: For rich color and texture, include sedum plants in your floral display. Sedum’s have clusters of star-shaped blooms that come in a variety of vibrant colors such as yellow and magenta. 

As the premier wedding florist for Columbia and surrounding areas, Griffin’s Floral Design can create a complete wedding event package perfectly suited to your design aesthetic and budget.  Our professional and expert team of wedding designers will ensure your wedding dreams become a reality.

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