The Most Beautiful Holiday Weddings

holiday wedding

Griffin’s Floral is not the only Columbus florist. But when looking for floral experts who have a depth of experience specializing in weddings, you can make no better choice than Griffin’s. Even though we are in the throes of summer heat, wedding coordinators agree that couples planning to be married over the holidays need to be solidifying winter celebration plans now. So you may be swimming or sun tanning at the moment, but let us turn your thoughts to evergreens and poinsettias. We have some valuable tips regarding your holiday wedding planning that can only come from experience.

holiday wedding* The holidays are an exceptionally busy time for parties of all kinds. It is imperative that you have booked your venue and crucial resources approximately six months before your event. Some florists will not even agree to a December wedding because of the sheer amount of floral orders.
* During the winter months, some flowers may not be in season and readily available; or they may be in high demand. Therefore, many expert planners recommend that brides come to the planning session with an overall vision that depends more on the color palette than specific flowers. Christmas weddings, for instance, are most often staged in red and/or white flowers and decor details. These color schemes showcase accents in metallic gold or silver; evergreen sprigs, holly berries or even pine cones.
* Your venue (or your church) may provide beautiful decor during the holidays which is already in place. Make a quick phone call to see how they decorate for the season; it may save you some time and money.

holiday weddingPlanning is the key to making sure that your holiday wedding goes exactly as you expect. The wedding coordinators and designers at Griffin’s Floral & Event Design have a wealth of knowledge to share, and we look forward to sharing with you. Take a break from the sunshine and come discuss mistletoe and Christmas wreaths with our wedding planners, because the holidays will be here before you know it.