Designing Orchids For Weddings

orchids for weddings

There are many decisions inherent in planning your wedding, and the flowers are one of the most important choices you have to make. Once the bridal party, dresses, and color scheme is determined, it is time to consider which flowers may be best to convey the mood you are creating. Orchids are among the most popular choices for wedding bouquets and decor, given their striking beauty and rare sophistication.  Using orchids for weddings allows for versatility in both style and color. The wedding experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs are here to help you find the perfect orchid for your special day.

orchids for weddings

Cymbidium orchids are highly sought after for use in weddings. One variety in particular is especially hot this year, the green cymbidium. Not only does this distinctive bloom add vivid color and contrast, but it looks as fantastic adorning a white wedding cake as it does in a bridal bouquet. The green cymbidium is dazzling and unique, just like the bride.

Phalaenopsis orchids are also called “moth wing” orchids, because their broad petals look like the wings of a butterfly or moth. These large and lavish blooms are beautiful focal points in bridal bouquets and make lovely corsages and boutonnieres. They hold their own as centerpieces and are often paired with candlelight to add exotic and luxurious ambiance to the table. Dendrobium orchids are also popular due to their delicate, diverse flowers and wide spectrum of color choice.


Orchids for weddings are opulent, graceful, and dramatic – and always the perfect choice. If you are considering a Columbus area wedding,  your search for florals should start and end at Griffin’s Floral Design. Our expert wedding planners and floral designers have helped brides from Pentaskala to New Albany plan their wedding days – but no wedding is more special than yours.

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