Big Deal Backdrops

Statement floral backdrops are here, and they’re here to stay. We at Griffin’s Floral Design couldn’t be happier about it, either. Today’s weddings are customized to the hilt, designed to reflect a couple’s style and establish their wedding as a singular, distinctive event. So it makes sense that flower backdrops would get the same treatment. The traditional look of flowers pinned modestly to an arch is over, replaced with big, bold arrangements.

A floral wedding backdrop is a major focal point, and it’s also a meaningful one. The arch, canopy or chuppah typically frames the ceremonial spot, so it carries enormous responsibility. It must be visually interesting to the wedding guests, carry through the decor theming and function as a fixed end point for a nervous bride and groom. No wonder creative couples and their wedding design teams are reinventing the look of these crucial pieces. We’ve seen floral chandeliers, living walls, hanging circular installations and canopies made of everything from carnations to roses. A statement backdrop helps distinguish your wedding from another, especially if your venue is a popular spot, and gives a photographer a lot to work with.

If you choose a high-impact floral backdrop for your reception, you can lighten up on the flowers elsewhere. Centerpieces don’t have to do as much work, so those too can take on a more modern, lighter look. A major backdrop can also introduce your color palette in a way that table linens just can’t, and there are so many vivid flowers to choose from. One trend we see in floral backdrops is the use of unexpected flowers and greens, yet more opportunity to create a standout design.

Whether it’s anchoring your altar area or functioning as a photo booth background at your reception, big deal backdrops involve a lot of floral artistry and customization. It’s just the sort of creative challenge we here at Griffin’s Floral Design enjoy.