Botanic-Inspired Weddings and Their Venues

A botanical garden wedding—swoon! We’re fortunate here in Columbus to have two such settings available to us at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Columbus Botanical Garden. There’s nothing quite like having your wedding ceremony amid the flora and fauna of a well-kept botanical garden, where the fresh scent of green things growing casts its spell, and the rich hues and textures of the garden provide an enchanting backdrop. Griffins Floral Design strives to enhance the beauty of the natural setting rather than replace it. We know there’s no competing with the magical mood a lush garden offers, so the goal becomes to work alongside it.

What can you do, floral-wise, for your garden ceremony? Take a peek.

Create a sense of whimsy with your floral decor and accents. Moss, ivy and even a wall of grass make an amazing and complementary backdrop. You can make use of vintage doors, gates and garden seating to really capture the spirit of the landscape and the sense of being secreted away in an enchanted garden. Don’t be afraid to make the unexpected your focal point, either.

There’s no need to design a fussy table when you’re getting married al fresco, surrounded by trees, plants, flowers and maybe a few friendly creatures. Leave the table bare, keep the linens and tableware white and bright and make use of succulents and plants in bell jars for a unique look. Ferns make a striking contrast to white napkins.

Be creative with your floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception. Make use of materials and items that make sense in a garden setting like rustic tins and watering cans. You may even decide to have beds of plants or flowers in place of typical designs, with fruit or other natural accents providing texture and contrast. Stick to a natural palette with just a few bright pops of color.