Bring the Beauty of Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year Into Your Wedding

This year is already starting strong with Pantone’s unveiling of its 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. The team here at Griffin’s Floral Design couldn’t be more smitten with this vibrant color. Not only does it have a bold and bright red that captivates the eyes, but it’s also the perfect combination of red and pink that is wonderful for wedding flowers. Since Pantone’s Color of the Year sets the trend and tone of the year to come, we wanted to share some recommendations for how this powerful color can add some depth to your wedding bouquets. We’ll dive into Viva Magenta’s symbolism and color pairings that truly make this color so special.

Viva magenta calla lilies

The Symbolism Behind Viva Magenta

Pantone selected Viva Magenta to usher 2023’s presence to the world with a color that celebrates life, optimism, confidence, empathy, and authenticity bundled into a fierce grace. While red is the dominant color, there’s a depth of passion embedded in it. With pink and purple tones mixed into it, there is a deep richness that evokes strength, boldness, joy, and fun. Viva Magenta is the color we needed to inspire warmth, expression, and courage. It’s the perfect balance of light, love, and pure happiness for your wedding flowers.

Very nice young woman holding big and beautiful blossoming bouquet of fresh roses, cymbidium, carnations, lilac, eucalyptus flowers in magenta colors on the grey wall background

Viva Magenta and Pink Flowers

This color transcends seasons. From spring to fall, winter to summer, it’s easy to include blooms that fall in the spectrum of Viva Magenta. Roses, ranunculus, dahlias, peonies, orchids, and calla lilies are just a few of our favorite magenta flowers. However, if you want to go monochrome, you can create a beautiful floral design by including red and pink carnations, yarrow, amaryllis, gerbera daisies, tulips, protea, and alstroemeria. The world of pink and red blooms is expansive, so there’s a lot of room to play.

Round flower arrangement in silver stand with purple, pink, and magenta flowers, dahlia, rose, and hydrangea.

Blooms Perfect for Viva Magenta Analogous Bouquets

Expanding out of the red and pink flower spectrum, there’s a lot you can do to create a beautiful analogous wedding bouquet by incorporating three colors that directly fall side-by-side with magenta. For example, a gorgeous analogous bouquet with Viva Magenta can include purple and blue blooms to create a vivid, bright, and dynamic palette. With other blooms in mind, you might consider adding in indigo larkspur, blue iris, purple hydrangeas, purple aster, blue thistle, anemones, or larkspur. If you are looking for brighter and lighter hues for your wedding, this is your color scheme.

Bridesmaids in green dresses holding magenta and green floral bouquets

Complementary Colored Stems for Viva Magenta

As magenta is abundantly considered an enchanting combination of reds and purples, it only gets more enthralling with the deeper hues of Pantone’s Viva Magenta. This means that Viva Magenta’s complementary color is green, without a doubt. This is excellent news for those who have an affinity for bouquets with lush, luxurious, and free-flowing greenery. Some fresh eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, ivy, monstera, green dianthus, succulents, and even green hydrangeas could perfectly complement pink or Viva Magenta blooms. 

Bold, beautiful, and bursting with color are just some of Pantone’s Viva Magenta elements. Simply put, 2023’s color of the year is a celebration of life in all its light and love. And what better way than to add its vibrancy to your celebration of love and joy? Griffin’s Floral Design is ready to share in your celebration.

Viva magenta flowers for 2023 weddings