Changing Times Shifting Wedding Traditions

There may be no event more steeped in tradition than a wedding ceremony. Many of these customs go back to medieval times, but they have stood the test of time until the last several years – when rapidly changing views have turned some tried-and-true traditions upside down. Of course, this is your wedding day, and you may love the idea of an old-fashioned wedding. But here are a few traditions that are evolving as the years go by. When planning your Columbus wedding, feel free to plan it your way!

wedding traditions
Who Pays? It has always been customary for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, which is a throwback to a bride’s dowry from her father. But more and more, the couple chooses to pay for the event themselves – or both families contribute their share.  Just remember, the rule is that whoever pays, has a say. So if you don’t want too many opinions, consider a simpler wedding that you can afford.

What to Wear? The traditional white gown has been a dream of many ladies since they were little girls. But if you prefer a short dress, a pantsuit, or a colored ensemble, go for it! If you are afraid of shocking your older guests, you can go with a shorter white dress, or a long white gown with a contrasting train, sash, or a fabulous pair of brightly colored shoes.

wedding traditions
Can I Look? The tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony is fast giving way to tender “first look” moments that take place in private. Not only is the emotionally charged first glance an intimate moment but having a photographer at the ready captures this special time in a way you are sure to cherish. Plus, it lessens some of those jitters walking down the aisle.

To Eat or Not to Eat? The rehearsal dinner’s purpose was to introduce the parents of the bride and groom if they didn’t know each other. While that is still a nice idea, there is no reason that you can’t all relax at home with some simple appetizers and a bottle of wine. The big formal dinner is just one more thing to plan and pay for on an already exhausting weekend. After traveling and preparing for the big day, an informal gathering will be welcomed.

wedding traditions
There are many traditions that are changing every day, but one thing that never goes out of style is flowers – from bouquets to decor, a wedding just wouldn’t be the same without the beauty of wedding florals. And no one does flowers and event planning better than the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design. From traditional to innovative events, we are your Columbus wedding source.

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