Choosing Flowers For Your Elopement

When choosing the flowers for your wedding, the sky’s the limit. But do you have a lot of choices for flowers when you’re planning to elope? As it turns out, yes you do! Depending on your location and time frame, there are plenty of options. The floral experts at Columbus Weddings have created a list of things to consider about your flowers when planning to elope.

Setting Whether your hiking to the top of a mountain or retreating to a tropical paradise, let your blooms match your surroundings. An ensemble of thistle, moss and berries is perfect for a mountain or forest setting, while light, pastel blooms might look freshly plucked in a local park or garden.

Seasonality Without much time to plan, it’s wise to choose flowers already in season during the month you’re getting married. Cooler months allow for darker colors, like plums and gold, while pastels are best in spring and summer.

Preference If you and your partner have a few favorite blooms, this is the time to include them! You’re making sure this day is all about you, so be sure the design you choose is something you both love.

Size Regardless of destination or venue, a compact bouquet will be a sweet addition without overwhelming you. Something hand-held and casual will lend a last-minute vibe to your elopement and give you something to preserve, as well!

Your wedding day should be your own, and the flowers you choose can be a reflection of your choices and personality, as well as the location and season. Talk to the floral designers at Columbus Weddings for more great ideas about including fabulous blooms on your memorable day.