Fresh Aromas From Wedding Flowers

Everyone wants to make sure they have beautiful flowers on their wedding day. Making sure those beautiful flowers also smell amazing is a great idea, too! The floral artisans at Columbus Weddings are happy to help you choose some of the most fragrant flowers that will also look beautiful all day long on your wedding day.

Roses: Give your entire wedding a classic look and feel with the timelessness of roses. Add the scent as well as the flavor of roses when you include rose-flavored treats and guest favors with rose scents.

Lavender: This calming scent will be a true relief on the day of your wedding, when stress can run high. Weave some beautiful lavender into your bridal bouquet and breathe easy as you enjoy your special day.

 Hyacinth: Pretty, delicate and sweet-scented, these bright blooms are ideal for spring or summer wedding centerpieces. The room will be filled with their delightful scent and guests will adore their happy blooms at every table.

 Peonies: Bright colorful blooms are accompanied by lush fragrance when you include peonies in your bouquets. Fill the wedding party bouquets with these full, cheerful flowers and enjoy the fragrance you’ll carry with you all day.

Freesia: An excellent representative of spring and summer, freesia blooms smell as beautiful as they look. Their wildflower appearance and smaller size make perfect boutonnieres for grooms, groomsmen, dads, and ushers.

Make sure your wedding day smells as good as it looks. Add beautiful fragrant blooms for a fresh surprising delight. The floral designers at Columbus Weddings will be happy to help you choose blooms that will smell amazing to you and your guests all day long.