Creative Floral Trends for Weddings

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, there are many customs that are accepted as “the way it has always been done”.  But as many modern brides create new traditions of their own, wedding experts are implementing fresh and creative new ideas from dresses to flowers. Wedding color schemes are no exception, as the wedding planners at Griffin’s Floral Design are seeing a new trend toward the unique and unconventional. When planning your Columbus area wedding, you may want to consider one or more of these bright ideas!

* Bridesmaid Dresses and Florals: One contemporary trend is to choose three to five complementary colors and permit your bridesmaids to select any dress and flower combination from within the palette. The effect is stylishly coordinated, but not traditionally matching. Allow bridesmaids to choose any style dress that is flattering to them, and that they will want in the future. Simply give them swatches and request they give you final approval before they purchase their dress.

* Re-Think Color Palettes and Textures: This is where the experts at Griffin’s Floral Design can really shine. Begin with an inspiration flower and color, but permit our talented team to propose flowers, fillers, and additional shades that you may not have thought of. We guarantee your bouquets are gorgeous and unique.

* Make Bold Choices: Soft, dreamy, and romantic color palettes are traditional (and safe) choices. But brights and neons in unexpected combinations will result in head-turning aesthetics – not to mention, these colors look awesome in photographs.

* Buck the Trend: Select a non-trending color palette – although the season’s hottest colors may be enticing, your event will be more memorable if you don’t mimic hundreds of others!

* Be Generous with Color: Brides are opting to include as many as 5 colors in their wedding florals, but it takes some artistic skill to effectively execute this approach. Be sure to select two neutral tones, or chose multiple variations of the same color.

When planning your wedding, the main thing to remember is that every detail is up to you! The floral designers and event planning experts at Griffin’s Floral Design look forward to working side by side with you to imagine the creative ideas that will make your wedding day truly unique.

Griffin’s Floral Design stages gorgeous weddings and events throughout Columbus, New Albany, Pataskala, and Newark.