How to Make the Most of Your Initial Floral Consultation

When you call Griffin’s Floral Designs regarding the consultation for your wedding flowers, there are several tasks which should be completed first. If we have this information when we sit down to talk, you can be sure that we can give you the best recommendations for your special day.

Venue: We have worked with most venues and churches in Columbus. Each venue will have its own individual aesthetics – for instance, soaring ceilings, bare walls, the amount of natural light, or windows with a view. All of these pieces of information will play into our suggestions for the best way to decorate with florals, centerpieces, lighting and more.

floral consultation

Expert Hint: Bring photographs of your ceremony and reception venues so your floral designer has a visual of the space.

Color Palette: Bring color samples of your chosen hues – swatches from the bridesmaid’s dresses or invitation samples, for instance. Along with the colors which may exist at the venue (rugs, drapes, or walls), we can use the samples to develop a palette that is rich and beautiful, and with florals that are within budget.

floral consultation

Budget: Sit down and create a budget for each element of your wedding, and identify your floral budget. Leaving approximately 5% for margin, let your floral consultant know what their financial target is.

Inspiration Board: Before you come to see us, collect photos of wedding flowers you love. Inspiration photos will give our designers insight into your personal style and taste, and allow us to create bouquets, centerpieces and venue decor that are perfect for your event.

By preparing to share information about each of these items – venue, color palette, budget, and inspiration – you can be assured that we will have a productive meeting that meets all of your expectations. When planning a Columbus wedding, make sure that you involve the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs for the best wedding planning experience possible.

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